2020 Condo Lighting Contest

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The 2020 Holiday Lighting Contest was judged on Wednesday evening, December 9th.  The winners were as follows:

Large condos
1st.  Excelsior
2nd. Siesta Harbor
3rd.  Jamaica Royale

Medium condos
1st.  Fisherman’s Cove
2nd. Crescent Arms
3rd.  Island House

Small condos
1st.  Sea Shell
2nd. Sunset Royale
3rd.  El Presidente

Contestants were fewer in number this year but on the plus side, those who entered did an outstanding job with their displays and many condos decorated without entering the contest. A big thanks to all and a separate shout out to those supplying some tidbits and drinks for the judges.

Excelsior won first place large condo
Fisherman’s Cove won first place medium condo
Sea Shell won first place for small condo

We received a comment regarding our division by condo size and will adjust next year as the comment was right on.

Thanks for your participation to help make Siesta Key a better place.

Siesta Sand
Author: Siesta Sand

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