A Permanent Solution for Ladies

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My name is ABBY CHARPENTIER and I’m a recent resident of your beautiful city! 

I bring my experience and talent for helping women be the best they can be after moving here less than a year ago from my home in Fort Collins, Colorado, where I am still a licensed esthetician and over the last 10 years been certified nine times as a Permanent Makeup artist. I still go home to take care of my client base of over 1200 procedures done, every three months.   

I now have my Florida license and a beautiful new spa to work with. What I have found is that every women wants to look their best, but doesn't know how, don't have time, or physically not able. This is where I come in. With a small investment in yourself, you can save time, look great and not worry about what you are doing for fear your brows will melt off or be crooked, not to mention how fabulous you ‘ll look when your liner is done properly.

If you just got a FACELIFT, everything moves up to your eyes, presented like a beautifully framed picture with a lovely matting around it.

For the women that lost their hair after undergoing chemo or radiation for their illness, many realize how their brows helped detail their expressions when I reapplied them with permanent makeup. This goes for all women that can no longer see their brows. Expressions once again become part of who you are, not to forget that beautiful brows are what you spend so much time trying to make every day.

Being a daughter of a survivor two times, I found myself immersed in finding a way to make a difference. It was a natural fit for me since I had been a magazine, television and runway makeup artist for 25 years. 

I was invited to be Northern Colorado's Breast Cancer support artist for Lydia Dody's HOPE LIVES Breast Cancer Foundation for over 10 years in this profession, and another five years as a guest makeup artist for STYLE MAGAZINE, 

They wanted someone they could trust for those brows, eyeliner, areolas or even lips. Honored three years ago with my cities CHAMPION OF HOPE AWARD in OCT. 2014, and featured last year on a video. It Takes a Village can be found on Hope Lives Foundation Facebook,

I was presented at our annual gala event raising over $100,000 in donations to support these women. With over 700 of our community leaders in the house. It is one of my proudest moments.

I will be looking to be an addition to this community as well, offering a special pricing for Areola replacement or even a different color.

Mention that you found me here in this publication… I want to know!  There is very little discomfort or down time, well worth it, and you will be able to drive yourself home and probably go out to dinner that night.

For the month of November I will be taking a $100.00 OFF everyone’s first procedure.  

If you are a snowbird, visiting or live year round, you are here because you want to enjoy everything about the lifestyle – look healthy and be healthy,

I have taken time and pride in where I hang my Florida license so please take a minute to check out where you will be a guest in a luxurious environment offering many first class spa procedures at INNER CIRCLE SPA here in Sarasota. View their website at www.innercirclespa.com.  They also have a Facebook page and many pictures of the spa on innercirclespa on yelp. 

 My own personal website: alwaysbeautifulbyabby.com is where you can find, on home page, a video that helps you to understand what to expect.

I love what I do. Come see me, Abby for your new makeover that will last years at a time, and enjoy waking up even more beautiful.

If you have been thinking about looking younger and refreshed and literally care free, especially for the season, a Free Consultation maybe in order.

Please call me direct at 970-231-2229 (Abby) in order to receive discount, or email me at abby.charpentier@gmail.com so we can set your appointment. 

My many years in this JOYFUL profession tells me you will be glad you DID!

Inner Circle Spa /  4141 South Tamiami Trail #12 /  Sarasota Fl. 34231  (Right next door to Trader Joe’s)  

Siesta Sand
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