August on the Key: Scorching and soggy, with sky shows galore

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Welcome to August, a month that, in terms of weather, seems to have it all — or maybe too much? — here on Siesta Key.

Yes, it’s the hottest (average high of 88.5 degrees and average heat index of 104) and the wettest (it rains an average of 26.8 days with an average overall accumulation of 6.42 inches).

The average humidity? A whopping 74 percent.

For weather sticklers out there, Aug. 2 is on average the wettest day of the year. That’s a Monday this year, and the dancers at the Sunday night drum circle will no doubt take credit for whatever happens that following day.

In case you are new here, the formula is simple: A late-afternoon cloudburst to cool things down, then back to normal. Hopefully, it’s all done by sunset.

It’s usually short, and always sweet.

Newcomers should also know that this region is the lightning capital of the world. Heck, they even named our hockey team with this in mind. And it’s working!

Respect a thunder clap in the biggest of ways, and take shelter. Last year, a teen was struck here and fortunately survived. In 2018, a man died here when struck.

The Gulf is the answer to beating the August heat, but lightning is a true menace. As you know, water and electricity don’t mix. On the flip side, once you are indoors and safe, some of the heat-lightning displays that occur late at night above the deep blue water are amazing. Those with a Gulf view will be in for quite a show.

— John Morton

John Morton
Author: John Morton

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