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Congrats with a tip of the hat and highlight to KIM, who bartends at THE HUB BAJA GRILL, located at 5148 Ocean Blvd, in the Village.  KIM’S hometown is right here in Sarasota.  Here’s a light-hearted Q&A on KIM as our bartender of the month.   

What’s your bartending experience and how long have you worked at THE HUB BAJA GRILL? What drink have you perfected?

I have been bartending for 8 years – 4 years here at THE HUB.  I enjoy putting a twist on classic drinks – spicy margaritas ‘n mojitos, espresso martinis, etc.

What was the strangest or funniest experience you witnessed or were party to at work?

I can’t really say one specific instance; however, my nickname at work and within my circle of friends is “Tequila Kim” and there are MANY stories that go along with that…swing by sometime and maybe a few of them will be told!

Any hobbies, goals, etc. you enjoy when not working?

When I’m not working, I enjoy anything outdoors, particularly beach days as well as cooking and traveling the globe!

How would you describe yourself?

I am a well-travelled magical unicorn! J

What makes THE HUB BAJA GRILL a special place to visit? 

THE HUB is a great place because the staff has a very strong sense of family and camaraderie that you can feel when you walk in the door. 

What specialty drink is THE HUB BAJA GRILL noted for?

THE HUB BAJA GRILL is known especially for our hand-crafted made to order margaritas.  The skinny is my favorite and a MUST-TRY!

When is the best time for locals and visitors to enjoy your company at THE HUB BAJA GRILL?

My schedule varies from week to week, but you can always find me behind the bar Monday nights, Saturday nights, and Sunday during the day.  Saturday nights tend to be my favorite with the ‘TJ Hitt Shitt Show.’  TJ covers a lot of classic rock songs, as well as putting a rock twist on current hits, and always brings a great time. 

For more info on THE HUB BAJA GRILL, please visit their website at or call them at 941-349-6800. 

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