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dsc_2833This month's Siesta bartender of the month is Jessica originally from Findlay Ohio.  Jessica currently tends bar at Crescent Club, located at 6519 Midnight Pass Road, on the island.  

After relocating to NYC 12 years ago, then moving to Sarasota, Jessica is enjoying ALL the things she can do outdoors. 

When asked what she enjoys about the Crescent Club, she said, "I would comment on the long lines and crazy adult behavior during season on 'Hot Dog Saturdays'.  If you have never been before, it is generally some good people watching and of course, free hot dogs! However; some customers take it a little more seriously so you can see some jostling in line and some threats of mustard squirts for taking too long or too many!"  

"The Crescent Club is a popular local bar with a strong seasonal clientele that considers the 'CC' as their hometown bar away from home.  The regular clients who come here are looking for a good time, some good conversation, and knowing that anything can happen at their bar.  The customers that come to visit from out-of-town are usually told to come to this club by friends who have been here and so they are looking for a similar, positive experience."  She continued, "It is the people woh work and solicit the establishment and the deep history that surrounds us that makes this place so special.  The staff and locals are very open and friendly with unacquainted or new-to-town folks wich is whey we always see newer, familiar faces.  

Best time to see Jessica is on Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday nights from 6:30 p.m. to close. 





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