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Congrats to our November bartender of the month. Courtney bartends at Gulf Gate Food + Beer, located at 6528 Superior Avenue, Sarasota, 34231, in the Gulf Gate District. Courtney grew up right here in the Sarasota area and loves her two girls.  Here’s a quick highlight about Courtney and Gulf Gate Food + Beer. 


Q: What’s your bartending experience and how long have you worked at GULF GATE FOOD + BEER?  What drink have you perfected?

A: I’ve been bartending for 13 years and working at Gulf Gate Food + Beer since we opened two months ago.  My favorite cocktail to make is called, “Berry White Girl.”

Q: What is the strangest or funniest experience you witnessed or were party to at work?

A: SO… (Sigh) one time I mistook two female partners for mother and daughter.  The rest of their lunch visit was pretty awkward. #EpciFail

Q: Any hobbies, goals, etc. you enjoy when not working?

A: Food! Food is my hobby.  My main goal is to raise my two daughters to be decent and respectful human beings.

Q: How would you describe yourself?

A: I’m very outgoing, ambitious, and adventurous.  I also think I’m pretty damn funny. J

Q: What makes Gulf Gate Food + Beer a special place to visit?

A: Our menu is a BOMB! I usually tell people it’s very eclectic but it’s everything you didn’t even know you wanted.  PLUS, our staff is amazing.

Q: What specialty drink is Gulf Gate Food + Beer noted for?

A: We’re noted for the “Berry White Girl” and the “Mimosa Nights” are cool too!

Q: When is the best time for locals and visitors to enjoy your company at Gulf Gate Food + Beer.

A: I’m here anytime between 11 am – 2 am.  No…seriously, we’re still singing and cooking.

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