Bartender of the Month – Taylor

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Name of Bartender: Taylor

Hometown:   Sarasota, FL

Q: What’s your bartending experience and how long have you worked at Blasé Cafe? What drink have you perfected?

A:  I have been officially bartending for a year. I have always done small bartending events but Blasé Cafe was my first bartender opportunity. I have been in the restaurant business for 7 years, and worked at Blasé for 3 years, bartending here for the past year.

A specialty drink I have perfected is our chocolate martini! It's beautiful and delicious.

Q:  What was the strangest or funniest experience you witnessed or were party to at work?

A:  I was bartending at a wedding and we had a cocktail named: Liquid Sunshine.  Well, it was frozen and I was told to just put a couple scoops in a champagne glass and garnish w/ an orange slice.  People were going nuts over this cocktail!  It was pleasing to the eye and tasted like a real frozen Florida orange.  Little did I know, I was ‘supposed’ to be topping these drinks off with champagne so for the past 2 hours I was serving this cocktail with absolutely no alcohol.  But, the funny thing was, I had guys left and right telling me how drunk they were getting off this drink!  So, of course, I’m just cracking up, and didn’t have the heart to tell these guys that it was all a placebo effect! 

Q:  Any hobbies, goals, etc. you enjoy when not working?

A:  I love to explore nature, paint, read, and creative side jobs. 

Q: How would you describe yourself?

A:  Funky, corny, and full of energy

Q:  What makes Blasé Café a special place to visit?

A:  Blasé Cafe is such a special place to visit because we're different than every other place on the Key. We have such a unique calling, the moment people walk in they're captivated.

Q: What specialty drink is Blasé Café noted for?

A:  We are well known for our chocolate and ruby red martinis!

Q:  When is the best time for locals and visitors to enjoy your company at Blasé Cafe?   

A:  Come visit me at Blasé Café any Friday and Saturday from 4-10 p.m. 

Blasé Café  
5263 Ocean Blvd (in the Village), Siesta Key, FL  34242

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