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DSC_1825Our bartender this month tends bar at Siesta Key Oyster Bar aka SKOB, by the locals.  Her name is Kelli and she's orginally from Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Kelli has been bartending,on and off, for 13 years since she was 18. "Moving here from Chicago two years ago, I fully appreciate the beauty and the weather!  I spend most of my time outdoors; recreational softball, golf, fishing, disc golf, paddleboarding, and the beach – obviously," she noted.

She's a Midwestern girl and describes herself as pretty simple and laid back. She always loves to have a good time and spend time with good friends. "I love to make people laugh and see them enjoy themselves," Kelli says with a smile.

Asked if she had any funny experiences while bartending, she said, "I actually have two:  a couple of weeks ago, two guys from Jersey came in and gave me an acorn.  They made me crack it open and there was a real rubber inside. I also used to bartend in Wrigleyville and the customers would get too drunk and leave us their Cubs tickets for that day. We could leave the bar and go watch the game! The best kind of tip a bartender could get!"

What does she think about working at SKOB's? "Coming from the city and working in corporate sales for six years, I can honestly say that I’ve never worked for a better place before." she enthuses. "SKOB is hands down the coolest, most fun environment that keeps people coming back year after year, from all over the world!  The staff are all wonderful, good hearted, hard-working team players. Recognition, appreciation, hard work and fun.  I love it here!"

Kelli is behind the bar every Friday and Saturday night and manages every other night at 5 p.m.  She invites everyone to come by and say hello!


Siesta Key Oyster Bar – SKOB  5238 Ocean Blvd., Siesta Key Village, 941-346-5443


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