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I'DSC_0053ll have a mini beer with that…
That's what Tony Gill is serving up these days at Blue Que Island Grill & Bar.         

Grove City, OH is the hometown for this month's bartender.  Tony has been bartending for 30+ years and enjoys hunting, fishing and airboating in his spare time.

He describes himself as fun loving, easy going and one that loves the outdoors and describes Blu Que Island Gril & Bar as a fun, busy place to work with great customers who come to have a good time. 

With 30+ years as a bartender he's just about heard and seen it all.  One experience that stand out for him, though, is when he watched "The Gaffishanator" fillet and release someone.   If you don't know what that means, ask Tony about it when he's working onTuesdays through Saturdays til close. 

As for the mini beer.  Below is what's in it…





DSC_0054                                                                                                 Mini Beer 
                                                                                            A shot of Liquor 43 
                                                                                            topped with cream

                                                                                                 Ask for it at…
                                                                                 BluQue Island Grill & Bar
                                                                              149 Avenida Massina, in the village










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