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Wet On the Outside, Love On the Inside
By Trebor Britt

A steady rain and a beach puddled with four inches of water did not dampen the spirits of this incredible Northern Kentucky couple as

Madison Alyse Galloway. Photo by Trebor Britt
Madison Alyse Galloway. Photo by Trebor Britt
they tied the knot on the Siesta Key shoreline. Madison was all smiles while dragging the train of her spectacular bridal gown through several inches of water and wet sand as she gracefully made her way to stand in front of the intimate group of close family and friends who would witness the joyous occasion. 

Madison Alyse Galloway and Jared Ducker of Northern Kentucky remembered the interesting way they met about 2 1/2 years ago. Madison was asked to accompany a good friend who was meeting someone for the first time. They were all thinking alike that night as the guy she was meeting, brought a friend of his, 'Jared’ and they hit it off right away. "He asked me if I wanted to play corn hole outside and by the end of the night asked for my number. His phone froze up right while he was trying to take down my number and he was really embarrassed. I laughed and put his number in my phone." Little did Madison know at the time, she was actually saving her future marriage. Close, right?

They remembered their first date was quite long. It began by going to a nice place for dinner, then to a casino, and they finished the night by enjoying a movie. It was busy but, the time went by fast because they were having so much fun.

Love couldn't have struck quicker for Madison. "I have never believed in love at first sight but as soon as I first saw him I felt something I had never felt before that made me feel like I just had to spend the rest of my life with this person." Movie lines sealed the deal for Jared. On one of their dates, Madison quoted a line from the movie, Napoleon Dynamite. Jared related, "I then quoted a line back and I’m pretty sure we sat there on a park bench quoting about twenty lines of Napoleon Dynamite."

Galloway and Ducker's wedding party. Photo by Tervor Britt.
Madison and Jared didn't want a big wedding back home. They were looking for someplace different, a place they could just relax and have close family and friends surrounding them. Siesta Key was the perfect fit.

After their honeymoon on Siesta Key, this energetic couple will head back to Northern Kentucky where Jared is an Electrician at Eagle Manufacturing and Madison is an Associate Revenue Analyst at Duke Energy.

Madison and Jared's wedding coordinator was Siesta Key Events. 941-456-WEDS,

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