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Sara & Joe

Fahy Beach Wedding
By Trebor Britt


A light Gulf breeze and the sparkling shores of the Gulf of Mexico provided the backdrop for another fabulous Siesta Key wedding. Sara Stilwell of Richlands, VA and Joe Fahy of Maryville, TN committed their lives to one another during an intimate ceremony surrounded by close family and friends.


Sara and Joe met when she worked for the Loyalty Marketing Department of a Food City store in Abington, Virginia. Part of her job included delivering marketing materials to new stores. As fate would have it, Joe was going to be the store manager of one of these new stores. She fondly remembers not being very impressed by him, like so many couples who end up falling in love and getting married. They eventually began communicating more and more and after several months they finally started to date.  “I knew I was in love with him after a fight,” Sara said. “I can’t remember what we were arguing about, something really stupid I’m sure. During the argument, the thought crossed my mind of just calling it quits and it knocked the wind out of me. I thought to myself… I love this guy and I don’t want to find out what it’s like without him.”

Sara now works as a Social Media Manager for Blount Memorial Hospital and Joe is still a Food City Store Manager in Oak Ridge, TN.

Joe raved about how incredible Siesta Key was after visiting there once. They decided to vacation together there four years ago and have been coming ever since. Sarah said, “It just seemed right to get married at a place we both love.”DSC_0813

They’re both eagerly looking forward to going on their honeymoon in the fall when they will visit many of the historical areas of the New England states.


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Sara and Joes wedding package was provided by Tammie Connor of Siesta Key Events.

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