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Our Wedding in Siesta Key Story by Adam Emery and photos by Maggie Dillon Designs

First stroll on the beach as Mr. & Mrs. Emery

My wife and I and our three children first visited Siesta Key as a side trip on our annual Orlando vacation in 2011.   All of us immediately fell in love with the awesome beach community and the gorgeous beaches.  When we were notified that we won the Tropical Beach Resorts Valentine’s Day Contest, we were thrilled!  After all, we had already discussed getting married in Siesta Key.

When we arrived in May, we were greeted by the friendly staff of Tropical Beach Resorts and our room exceeded our expectations.  The beach was beyond compare…gorgeous sand, water and the most exquisite sunsets I have ever seen.



Sand Petal Weddings suggested pushing our time back to take advantage of the famous Siesta Key sunset.  How right they were.

We cannot express our gratitude enough to everyone involved in our wedding and our trip, but especially Tropical Beach Resorts and their exceptional staff.  We are already planning our next trip and can’t wait to visit what we consider to be our “second home”.



Photos and story by Trebor Britt

Bianca 1
A Mother’s Tears – Bianca’s mother, Rosa La Pace (foreground) wiping away tears as she witnesses her daughter committing her life to Josh Lewis during their wedding ceremony at Point of Rocks beach on Siesta Key.

The day Josh and Bianca met, she was working at Publix. She remembers catching Josh glancing at her several times. After visiting the store two or three times that day, Josh finally summoned up enough courage to stop and speak with her.
What Josh did not realize, is Bianca’s father, Frank, also worked at Publix and was stocking some produce not far behind him.

They went on their first date in September 2012, where they enjoyed dinner at the old salty dog restaurant on siesta key. It wasn’t long before they both sensed they were right for one another. After enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with some friends, the two of them went back to Joshes apartment. Bianca related, “Not long after getting there, Josh kneeled down in front of me and said he had something to ask me. Through lots of tears I accepted a ring and his proposal”.

Bianca 3
The Gaze of a Lifetime – Bianca La Pace gazing into the eyes of the man she will spend the rest of her life with, Josh Lewis, after their wedding ceremony at Point of Rocks beach.

It was a dream of both of theirs to be married on the beach. Point of rocks Beach holds a special place in Bianca’s heart as she grew up playing there. Her family moved to Sarasota when she was two years old.

When asked what she loved most about Josh, without hesitation Bianca replied, “definitely his heart. He would do anything for just about

Bianca 2
Bride Bianca Lewis and her knee-dy besty’s.


Bianca is a 2006 graduate of Sarasota high school and an Assistant Customer Service Manager at a local Publix. Josh is Sales Manager at a roofing company in Sarasota.





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