Blooming this Month: June

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Gardenias are generally found outdoors in southern regions and are admired for their glossy green foliage and fragrant blossoms. These beautiful plants are grown as ornamental shrubs in warm regions.
However, they are very particular about their growing conditions and require some consistent maintenance in order to keep beautiful. Once you understand what a gardenia needs to survive, growing them is very rewarding.
Well-drained, acidic soil is ideal for gardenias. Moderate humidity assures a healthy plant. Adding peat moss to the soil will benefit your plant by helping it retain moisture without becoming too wet.
While the gardenia likes humidity, misting the leaves can cause problems. Water droplets can lead to fungus on leaves. You don’t want to place it under plants that drip onto its leaves. A lack of air flow also causes fungus.
Outdoor gardenias prefer full sun, with some shade in the hottest summer months.
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— CJ Dana, Sarasota Garden Club

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