Blooming this Month: moth orchid

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Orchids are the most intriguing flowering plants. And they are very easy to grow.
I am going to tell you about Phalaenopsis, the moth orchid. It is one of the most common and the easiest to grow in Florida. It is an especially good choice for a beginner. They are large and come in a wide variety of colors. Most have several flowers per stem, but some have more, and others have as few as one.
There are several hybrid varieties that one can purchase. Low lighting is preferred by Phalaenopsis. They prefer shaded windows, or east-facing windows. Leaves will tend to become greener when lighting is low, and yellower with red spotting when there is a lot of light. If in too much sun, black or brown patches appear on the leaves, so reduce the lighting.
It is important to re-pot orchids every couple of years. If the potting mix has started to decompose, it will retain too much moisture and prevent air getting to the roots, causing root rot. The plant may also have outgrown its pot. Do not re-pot orchids while still in bloom.
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Submitted by CJ Dana, Sarasota Garden Club

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