Blooming this Month: September

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African tulip tree

The African tulip (Spathodea campanulate) is the tallest of North American hardwoods, growing to 100 feet or more and used in making furniture, cabinetry, musical instruments, and wood veneer.
The tree grows up to 6 feet per year, is shade tolerant, and re-sprouts after cutting. The seeds are numerous, wind-dispersed, can contaminate other potted plants, and they can float on water.
Planting in an open, park-like setting, large yard, or edge of the forest is best. Avoid areas close to power lines or buildings. Since the flowers attract bees and hummingbirds, it’s a good tree to plant if growing flowers and fruits and trying to attract pollinators to your landscape.
Tulip tree requires full sun — six or more hours of direct sunlight each day — and moist, well-drained soil.
If you have one tulip tree on your property, you can propagate more. Propagation of tulip trees is either done with tulip tree cuttings or by growing tulip trees from seeds.
Don’t miss our Ghostly Gala flower show on Oct. 28. It’s free and open to the public. Visit for more information. The club is located at 1131 Boulevard of the Arts.

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