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By Rachel Brown Hackney

Pavers need to be cleaned

          The dirty look of the pavers in Siesta Village drew more than a few comments and suggestions during the regular meeting of the Siesta Key Village Association (SKVA).

Michael Shay who serves as the SKVA liaison to the Siesta Key Village Maintenance Corp. (SKVMC) — had just finished explaining that county workers had repaired a water leak near Terrace East when he segued into the topic.

Because the repair work necessitated the removal of “a lot of pavers,” Shay said, employees of Buccaneer Landscape Management — which handles the Village upkeep — put the pavers back with the clean sides up. “That seems to be an issue right now,” Shay continued, noting the seemingly entrenched dirt on Village pavers.

SKVA President Wendall Jacobsen had complained to him, too, Shay said, about a streak along the sidewalk in front of Beach Bazaar, where Jacobsen is the general manager. The sidewalk fronting Ocean Boulevard at the Village gazebo has a similar streak, Shay noted.

"We’ve spot-cleaned the gazebo [area] once already” since the annual power washing of the sidewalks was completed in February, Shay added. “It didn’t do much.”

Shay said he has been trying to figure out what has caused that streaking. “It’s like something is being dragged, just making a line … in the pavers.”

pavers sk villageBuccaneer crews have been told not to drag garbage bags, he continued, because “invariably, the bag has got some sort of liquid [inside] and it’s going to drip out.”

SKVA Treasurer Roz Hyman pointed out that some of the Village garbage containers are not as easily accessed as others, so it is possible some dragging of bags occurs.

On the May 4 monthly walk-through of the Village with county staff to take note of any maintenance issues that need to be addressed, Shay continued, he planned to ask for a quote about extra cleaning of the sidewalks. Then it would be up to the SKVMC to decide whether it wants to spend the money on that undertaking he added, noting that he understood the average cost of such work would be $2.25 per square yard.

The SKVMC represents all the landowners in the Siesta Key Village Public Improvement District; they are assessed a fee each year — which the county collects — to pay for Village maintenance.

“At the end of the day,” Shay stressed, “[spot cleaning] really doesn’t do much.”

In the past, Hyman responded, the effective spot cleaning that was done “always took time.”  The most recent pressure washing “was not a good job,” she added. Yet, the work costs the SKVMC $9,000, Shay told her.

“The day after it was done [this year],” Hyman replied, it appeared as if it had not been done.

Nothing seems to remove old gum from the pavers, Shay reported. The power washing does seem to pick up newer gum deposits, however, he noted.

Kay Kouvatsos asked whether it might be worthwhile to use a sealant on the sidewalks after they are cleaned.

Syd Krawczyk of Concept Digital Media explained that sealant lasts only a few months.

Even with a sealant, Krawczyk said, the pavers in the Village will begin to show dirt after a couple of months.

The following day, as Shay and Lisa Cece, the county’s special district coordinator who oversees Village upkeep matters as part of her responsibilities, reported to SNL that a rainstorm was making a big difference in the look of the pavers.

Cece pointed out in her May 4 email that the Village went “at least [25] days straight with sunny weather during peak season. Today, in a morning walk through, we could already see most of the spills lifting off the pavers with the initial rain. [The rain] forecast for today should make a big difference in appearance in the Village.”

Valet parking complaints

          During the May SKVA meeting, Sgt. Jason Mruczek reported that the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office had received complaints about the valet services putting vehicles in “No Parking” zones and in Mira Mar District spaces just outside the Village that require permits. The county’s Code Enforcement officer on the Key, Susan Stahley, dealt with the issue, he added.

“It’s been addressed a few times. Hopefully,” Mruczek continued, ‘that will be stopping.”

Mruczek went on to say, he asked deputies on the evening shift to be on the lookout for problems with the valet parking.

Cevi logo



Chef Darwin Santa Maria celebrates his “coming home” to Siesta Key with CEVI CHELA

          Chef Darwin Santa Maria has joined Tom Golen, owner of Señor Siesta Restaurant at 5110 Ocean Boulevard, to collaborate on a new “urban themed” restaurant. The eatery will continue to offer flavorful Latin cuisine to the Siesta Key Beach “neighborhood” in an exciting new format. 

The restaurant was closed for a two-week facelift, and re-opened as CEVI CHELA on May 26. While plans are already in the works to grow this concept to other Florida locations, the immediate focus is on Siesta Key.

CEVI CHELA will offer a fresh and fun Latin menu for lunch, dinner, and late night at great prices and with convenient delivery options—eat in, order out, delivery and private catering—to those who live, work, or play on Siesta Key.

“We are excited to evolve in response to the Siesta community and we are pleased to take our cuisine to the next level by creatively showcasing innovative Latin flavors, pairings of food and drink, and featuring a flexible menu at a great price point,” explains Golen.

Ann Frescura, Executive Director of the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce, adds: “The Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce is pleased to see the wonderful changes for this unique restaurant and great neighbor. The arrival of Chef Darwin along with the expanded hours and service is a bonus for the whole community. “

A private party and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce was held on May 26 to kick-off the new partnership and re-opening of the Latin restaurant. Other special events, to introduce the new menu items, will take place during the Memorial Day weekend. 

SKVA elections

      May means time for elections of the Siesta Key Village Association board members and officers, so that was part of the business the organization undertook during its regular meeting on May 3.

The officers will remain the same: Wendall Jacobsen, general manager of Beach Bazaar, president; Mark Smith of Smith Architects, vice president; Roz Hyman, treasurer; and Helene Hyland of Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, secretary.

The board members are Jacobsen; Smith; Hyman; Hyland; Russell Matthes, co-owner of the Daiquiri Deck restaurants; Kay Kouvatsos, co-owner of Village Café; Bob Stein, publisher of Siesta Sand; Glen Cappetta, owner of Sun Ride Pedicab; and Stephanie Brown, general manager of Siesta Key Oyster Bar.

Monthly Meetings

          SKVA meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at the Daiquiri Deck Raw Bar. Meetings begin at 8:30 a.m. anyone interested in learning more about Siesta Key Village is encouraged to attend. For more information visit their website:

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