Community Spotlight: A busy man who takes the time to care

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Mike Evanoff pursues plenty of projects, including the restoration of Midnight Pass

Q: You live in an amazing setting on Blind Pass Road at the southern tip of Siesta Key. Tell us about your history with the island.
A: I first moved from Palmer Ranch to Siesta Cove. This was my first time on the island, roughly 22 years ago. I lived there for approximately six years and then moved to Avenida De Mayo — the street behind the hardware store in the Village. I lived there for around four years and then moved off the island to San Remo (neighborhood on the mainland near the north bridge).
I recently move back on the island to south Siesta Key and I love it. We are currently residing in one of the most unique homes on Siesta.

Q: What is so unique about the home and the locale?
A: The fact that the house is the southernmost property on Siesta Key and abuts a huge park and preserve with the most incredible views and privacy — one of the few properties that has gulf and bay access. Not to mention the most incredible floor plan and interior that brings the outdoors in and really showcases the beach lifestyle.

The Evanoff property on Blind Pass Road. (submitted photo)

Q: You own and operate quite the compound at Spanish Point on Little Sarasota Bay, among quite the list of other entities. Please name your various business ventures.
A: I have been in business since 1997 when I first move down here. It’s been years of slow growth — a little at a time — and we have built up many businesses.

  • Evie’s Management Group
  • Evie’s Golf Center
  • Evie’s Tavern Ellenton
  • Evie’s Tavern on Main
  • Molly’s Pub
  • Evie’s Car Wash
  • 1223 Parking Inc.
  • Evie’s on the Run
  • Spanish Point Tiki
  • The Point
  • Marker 38 (tour boats)
  • Brady’s Neighborhood Bar
  • Evie’s Catering
  • Spa Hollywood
    I’m also involve in the local real estate market with some commercial units.
    Sometimes, having many businesses seems glorifying but it has been very difficult for the last few years with employee shortages and inflation.

Q: You are the president of Midnight Pass Society II. How and why did you get involved?
A: I was speaking with (local Realtor) Scott Lewis and we both had a passion for Little Sarasota Bay. We decided to join forces and start Midnight Pass Society II.
For me, the main reason was that the smell of the water at Spanish Point was so bad when guests where eating they would complain. They thought is was our septic. We would continually tell them it wasn’t us — we are not on septic — but they would call the health department and it would do a full inspection every time.
I think this happened more than 10 times one year. This was the time I knew something needed to be done.

Mike Evanoff (far right) speaks at a Midnight Pass Society II event at Spanish Point. At his side is Scott Lewis, co-founder of the organization. (submitted photo)

Q: If things go as you hope, what in your estimation is a realistic target date for seeing an actual tidal connection in place?
A: This question is probably better answered by the county and permitting agencies. We know the process will not occur overnight but for the first time we have local, state and federal policymakers supporting the effort to restore Midnight Pass. We hope this political momentum will keep the project moving at the proper, but quick, pace.

Q: How do people get involved in the cause to restore Midnight Pass?
A: Visit our website ( and sign up for email updates.

Q: When you are not being pulling in a million directions, how do you spend your leisure time?
A: I love to travel. I enjoy skiing/snowboarding, golfing, and nights out.
I have three boys, so spending lots of time with the family is important as well.

Evanoff with sons (from left) Chase, Christian, and Cole. (submitted photo)
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