Community Spotlight: Bringing color to the Key

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Lloyd Dobson’s artwork captures the area’s breathtaking beauty

Q: Lloyd Dobson, you are a creative force whose oil paintings are seen all around Siesta Key, the region, and the world. For starters, tell us about your history with our island.

A: In 2013 I moved to the Siesta Key area from Treasure Island to be close to my son and granddaughter. Plus, after seeing the island, I was inspired in knowing that this is where the next level of my art career could flourish.

I began re-numbering my paintings after I moved to the area. The first painting was No. 110113. I just began painting number No. 1108422, which means that painting is the 1,084th one of done in the past nine years.

My travels have taken me all over the Caribbean but the Siesta Key area is my favorite, and inspires me to create memories that vacationers and locals can enjoy.

Q: Your display at the weekly farmers market. Share with us your history and relationship with that event.

A: When I moved to the area, I began looking for an outdoor event where I could showcase my art similar, to the events where I did the same when I lived in southern California. The Siesta Key Farmers Market was a natural. I contacted Bryan Eible, who owns the market, and the following Sunday began.

Since Bryan lives in New Zealand, although he’s a native Siesta Key guy, Bryan asked if I would manage the market.

We are open every Sunday morning from 8 a.m. to noon and have 25 vendors, as well as with live music providing the island vibes.

Part of my success is the free shipping I provide to customers in the U.S.

My paintings can also be found at The Hub Baja Grill on Siesta Key, Coastal Flow gifts and decor on South Tamiami Trail, and Fidela’s General Store in The Meadows.

Q: What scenes and/or settings do you prefer?

A: My paintings are inspired by my travels, plus the incredibly beautiful Siesta Key beaches and tropical environment. Palm trees and beach scenes are my favorite to paint.

Why? Very simple — a beach brings out happy emotions in people. My tagline is “Helping to Make Art Fun and Happy for Everyone”

My paintings shine a spotlight on the beauty of God’s palette that I see, and I am always pushing myself to hone and evolve my artistic skills to create art that is fresh, original and a genuine expression of my personal view and connection with my beautiful Siesta Key surroundings.

Q: What do you consider your favorite Siesta-themed paintings that you’ve created?

A: It is hard to pick out a favorite. But if I must, I’ll go with “Tranquility on the Key” (No. 1108122) and “Another Beautiful Paradise Sunset” (no. 197521).

Q: Do you have any famous customers?

A: My oil paintings are enjoyed in private collections by hundreds of clients throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Slovakia, New Zealand, and Switzerland. Some of the more notable collectors have been Art Linkletter, Debbie Reynolds and Debbie Reynolds’ mother.

Q: Is your work popular in condos and residences on the Key?

A: Yes. Oil paintings and artwork always seem to make a room come alive with color and feeling, especially when you know how to choose art that compliments a specific room in your home.

My website ( actually gives tips on how to decorate with beach-themed art and features a testimonial from a local couple on how it improved their place.

Q: You’ve recently been hired to do a bunch of murals in the area. Tell us more about that, and where can we see an example?

A: My murals are located in several Airbnb lanai areas and several private homes. One of the local commercial locations is Monk’s Steamer Bar at 6690 Superior Ave. in the Gulf Gate area.

You can view several murals by visiting my website and clicking the “MURALS” tab.

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