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Midnight Pass Road and Beach Road & Fire Station #13

As anyone that has recently driven by the intersection of Midnight Pass and Beach Road can attest, there is a lot of construction currently underway at that location. Specifically, there are two projects being undertaken at the same time.

Contractor still hopeful to finish Fire Station #13 on schedule in spite of various delays

First, Sarasota County, though an awarded contract, is relocating and replacing portions of the potable water lines. The current water lines are undersized and are being replaced with lines that will improve water capacity for residents and for fire protection purposes. The initial completion date of the project was projected to be in October 2020. However, the county has indicated to the Siesta Sand that construction is running approximately a month behind and is currently scheduled to be completed at some point in November 2020. The reasons given for the slight delay were utility conflicts discovered during excavation and installation of the new pipes as well as compliance with the contractor’s procedures.

Water line project on Midnight Pass Road will improve water capacity for residents and fire protection purposes

Second, the new Fire Station #13 is being constructed at the intersection. The construction has been met with several challenges, including COVID-related labor and material shortages, rain delays, and the redesign of foundations in order to comply with the new FEMA floodplain maps.

Crew surveying work on water main line project on Midnight Pass Road.

As a result of these challenges the contractor has been granted an addition 53 days that can be used to extend the construction timeline. However, at this point in time, the contractor still is hopeful of meeting the June 2021 completion date.

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