County commissioners to vote on agreement for reimbursement of hotel lawsuits-related legal fees

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At the March 19 Sarasota Board of County Commissioners meeting, the board members will be asked to potentially vote on a report submitted by County Attorney Josh Moye in regard to a legal fees reimbursement agreement reached between the county and two plaintiffs after a judge in August decided that Sarasota County was in violation of its own comprehensive plan when it approved several large-scale hotels.

Lourdes Ramirez was the winning plaintiff in one case, and the combination of Robert Sax, Marina Del Sol, and 222 Beach Road prevailed in the other. The ruling of Hunter Carroll, judge in Sarasota County’s 12th Judicial Circuit Court, applied to both cases.

If approved, Ramirez would receive $170,000 and the other party would receive about $101,000.

Here’s the report filed by Moye:

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