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dear donnarose

soulfully yours donnaroseQ: Dear Donnarose, this may sound selfish, but when is it my turn to enjoy my life? This thought goes over and over in my mind. I am newly retired, but I have a line of family members who constantly pull at me for my attention and care, including my spouse. I love them, but it's just not fair. Any insight would be appreciated.  ~Kindest regards, P.T.

A: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anaïs Nin

Well, I will refer to the above quote first thing, because I couldn't say it better than that. I would describe how you're feeling to be other than selfish. Instead I would describe it as having what I call “the thought before the growth spurt.” Meaning, sometimes we have to be pushed to the end of our rope before we're willing to make changes, for the better that is. You are now there. And the good news is, there's a new script at the end of the rope. A new script that entails setting boundaries, and reorganizing your day so it includes permanently doing things for you.
Now initially, this newfound script typically comes with resistance from the family since they're used to the old script. But after a while, just like they were in the habit of responding to the old script, they'll 
start adapting to the new one you'll read from, providing you remain consistent.

It's hard to make changes at first because it's not so easy breaking a habit. But after a while, as you continue to include yourself on the list of people to care for, you'll see it produce a ripple effect. In this case, this means your family will start to copy you, and treat you the way you're treating yourself. It'll be then that you'll realize they've been copying you all along. But now they'll be copying the nice way you're treating yourself. And it most often feels good for people when their actions are in alignment with love.
So as you can see, this will be a gift you'll give yourself, as well as your family. So start allowing your bud to blossom, and re-write your script. And if you call on the Angels for assistance, they'll help you carry it out with more ease and peace.

Q: Dear Donnarose, I'm clairvoyant and would love to do intuitive readings. However, I've been hesitant because I've had a couple experiences with negative energies which really frightened me as a child. Do you have any tips to help me possibly avoid a repeat occurrence so I can get started on doing readings? ~Blessings, M.B.

A: “Chances are there's nothing to fear, when you keep your vibration high, and your energy clear.” ~Donnarose Melvin

Well, as a medium who has channeled many thousands of spirits throughout approximately 8000 readings in the past 6.4 years, I have to say, the steps I've taken have helped to prevent what could have been some negative experiences. I will pass them on to you. However, I couldn't guarantee they'll work for you, because I'd have to be there with you to see if the exact steps were taken. But, thus far, my clients who have come to me with your same issue have been successful.

There are a few things I suggest. But definitely google more information on this topic since I have limited space. Now having knowledge is important, but consistently applying it is the key. It's suggested you choose a Divine Source to call upon for protection, as well as to keep your energy clean daily and to keep your vibration high. This helps prevent what some call psychic attacks, and/or any disruption from a negative energy. What I like to do, and you can try this as well, is I call in the angels daily, and say, “Thank you Archangel Michael for clearing my body and space of any negative energy, for protecting me with your protective shield, for keeping me safe, and filling me with love, please and thank you.” “Thank you for cutting all energetic cords that I share with any person, place, animal, thing or spirit that is not in alignment with love, in this or any other lifetime, please and thank you.” Thank you Archangel Metatron for clearing and opening my chakras, please and thank you.” You can also use sage spray, or burn sage in the space you're in once in a while. Doing all of this, plus meditating, etc., can all help prevent having an encounter with negative energies.

Prior to any session you have with your clients, it's suggested to do the clearing part above. If your client happens to walk in with a dark energy (rare because of initial clearing), they are usually aware it's with them, and will be delighted to be rid of it. And you would just do another clearing targeting the dark energy present. But like my quote above indicates, the more the intuitive does the preventative work, and keeps their energy body and space clean, and vibration high, the chances are much greater that your negative encounters will be very limited.~♥

Donnarose MelvinDonnarose Melvin is a professional intuitive medium, and also does powerful distant energy clearings. Her knowledge from her BA degree in Psychology, along with her natural intuitive gifts, have helped thousands achieve increased peace and success. Please send your questions to: or Facebook private msg her at Donnarose. She will select questions each month to share with you. Donnarose regrets that unpublished questions cannot be answered individually. If you’d like an energy clearing, or an intuitive reading, please contact Donnarose at the email address above. Gift certificates are available!

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