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dear donnarose

Q: Dear Donnarose, I cannot tell you how many times I've gone against my intuition to do something, and allowed my ego to once again send me on the wrong path. As a result, I've lost time, money and relationships. What will it take to listen to my intuition and stop going on all these detours? ~Thanks, P.J.

A: “When you raise your vibration, what will come to fruition, is a path set before you that will be guided by your intuition.” ~Donnarose Melvin

When we listen to our ego it usually indicates we're connecting more to the lower versions of ourselves, which means our vibration is at a low level of energy. If we stay at this level of energy, the ego will have a ball playing with our minds, tricking us to make choices that appear to be the ones that will feel good. But basically it's like the ego is a wolf wearing a sheep costume. Then we get cheated, or fail, or lose money, and feel angry. Hence, the cycle continues because anger resides at a low vibration. And disharmony, mistrust, unworthiness, etc., also reside there. So if we stay there, more matching low-vibration ego-driven situations will continue to manifest.

The only way to be relieved of this cycle, is to connect to the higher version of yourself, which is at a higher vibration. You'll know when you're there, because as you make your decisions, your shoulders will fall from your ears, and a feeling of peace will come over you. And you'll notice positive and/or more harmonious outcomes will be the norm. You'll even find yourself handling challenges from a higher perspective which is from a place of peace. This is what happens when we maintain at a higher vibration. But to achieve this, the “light-work” as I like to call it, has to be done. And a different way of thinking and living will need to be considered. But oh will it be worth it. To help get you started, view the 1st Q & A in below link. Tweak it to your liking, and be sure to be consistent. And instead of more detours, you'll soon see yourself walking with more ease and peace on a much straighter path to your destination. ~♥

Q: Dear Donnarose, I recently read about a person who no longer believes in psychic readings. He claims to have been deeply involved in it, but had such negative experiences he now views it as something evil. Can you explain why he would have such an adverse encounter? ~Regards, T.Q.

A: Go into your readings open, alert and protected, and you'll find most to be positive, just as you expected.” ~Donnarose Melvin

Well it looks like he had some good experiences initially, which is most likely why he had a lot of readings. However, all it takes for some people is to have a couple negative experiences to change their perspective about something they once enjoyed. It feels like he had a reader or two who may not have kept in alignment with the level of integrity most of us in this business uphold to. But, as I always say, in all occupations there may be scammers and those who are in their business for the wrong reason. And unfortunately, some people in spiritually-based businesses are included. Before I started doing this work, I used to get readings for years. Once, maybe my 4th reading, I experienced a negative session. The reader said I needed all kinds of help and it would cost a lot of money. My gut felt something was not right, and I politely left. It was clear she was working on the dark side rather than in the Light. However, it helps to be aware that not all experiences are like that. This gentleman knows this, but chose to allow the negative experiences to close his mind.

The key is, before booking any reading, it's important to do the research on the reader. Word of mouth is always good too. Then most importantly, before one arrives to a session, say, thank you Archangel Michael for protecting me, and keeping me safe, please and thank you. This keeps the energy nice and clean during the session. Had this gentleman protected himself prior to all his sessions, there is a high probability he wouldn't have had such a negative experience, or would have been nudged to leave sooner to avoid it.

And finally, over all, it's important to bring one’s own intuition into the mix. Be awake and alert during any service rendered. And if one's gut says to leave, then heed to that. But from my experience, these negative experiences are few and far between. Stay tuned for a video I'll soon be recording on how to get the most out of your intuitive reading. ~♥

dear donnaroseDonnarose Melvin is a professional Ancestral Energy Clearing Intuitive, and an Intuitive Medium. Her knowledge from her BA degree in Psychology, along with her natural intuitive gifts, have helped thousands achieve increased peace and success. Please send your questions to: or Facebook private msg her at Donnarose. She will select questions each month to share with you. Donnarose regrets that unpublished questions cannot be answered individually. If you’d like a powerful distant energy clearing, or an intuitive reading, please contact Donnarose at the email address above. 

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