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Q: Dear Donnarose, I can't for the life of me get my sister to have energy work done.  She has this fear of trying anything new.  Any suggestions would greatly help. ~M.A.

A:We tend to bring near, that which we fear, when information we obtain, makes things more clear.” 

~Donnarose Melvin  

It can tend to be frustrating when someone closes their ears to what you feel could help them.  But keep in mind, many people often fear what they don't understand.  But like my quote indicates, learning more about a subject or issue of concern, can broaden a person's perspective.  What also helps, is to not take on another person's beliefs about what that person experienced.  I've had clients who waited years to have a session because one of their friends didn't like an experience they had.  But there could have been many factors as to why her friend had a negative experience.  It could have been as simple as her mother feared anything spiritually-based, and therefore, she took on that fear.  There are many who miss out on having an amazing session of a spiritual nature, due to other people's beliefs they chose to take on.  Therefore, it is gently suggested to refrain from listening to those offering strong opinions, especially when it's against having any type of work done of a spiritual nature.  And instead, consider learning about the topic on one's own, and then going with what's felt in the heart. 

So, that being said, regarding your sister, rather than trying to verbally persuade her to have energy work done, provide her with some easy reading on the topic.  Send her some testimonials and information about it. View the first post on my Donnarose Facebook page( ).

There is some information and client feedback she can read that can really give her an understanding of what to expect.  Perhaps have her attend one of your sessions. 

To conclude, remember to refrain from trying to force your sister to go your way, as that never works.  Instead, encourage, inspire, leave some information with her, and completely detach from outcome.  Truly know and trust that those who are meant to have energy work done will receive it at the perfect time.  And your more relaxed peaceful energy will allow your sister to make her decision with less resistance, and more ease.~♥


Q: Dear Donnarose, every time my friend prays, she starts worrying her prayers won't get answered, and then sits around and fears for the worse.  Doesn't worrying cancel out the prayer?  ~Thanks, R.F.

A: “Replace fear with trust, and a favorable outcome often becomes a must.” ~Donnarose Melvin

Quite often I've heard people say they always pray, but nothing ever works out.  And yes, part of that is due to what you mentioned, which coincides with a quote, “Worrying is like praying for what you don't want."  The thing is, everything is energy.  And whatever we pray for, the universe conspires to match what we place our energy on. 

Let's say your friend prayed that her house gets sold, but then continued to fear and worry that it wouldn't.  The universe will more often than not, manifest what is being focused on.  It's often that simple.  Now someone may say they don't blame your friend for worrying since she can't afford the mortgage anymore, etc.  This is understood, however when it comes to energy, there's a big difference between worrying, and being what I call, “responsibly concerned.”  Worrying lowers our vibration, clouds our thinking, and causes us to put even more energy on what we don't want to happen.  Being responsibly concerned invites trusting our Higher power and Divine order, which keeps our vibration at a higher level where clarity and calmness reside.  The latter allows us to focus our energy on what we're praying for, and to hear and apply Divine guidance in whatever form it arrives in.  It will even allow us to detach from outcome after we pray, as that's another key to producing the desired results.

The bottom-line is, in order for prayers to work, instead of fear, we must attach trust to them.  What I mean by trust, is after we pray, we need to trust that all details are being orchestrated by our Higher power in perfect Divine Order.  If at any time, what's written all above becomes difficult, one can say something like, “Source (God, Universe or whoever you pray to), I embrace my current situation, and thank you for helping me with it.  Help me to trust, and to feel your love and peace in my heart during this process, please and thank you. 

The more your friend practices this new way of thinking, it will become habit.  And whatever outcome her prayers bring, she will find herself handling her situations with more peace.~♥


Donnarose Melvin is a Professional Ancestral Energy Clearing Intuitive. Her knowledge from her advanced practitioner trainings in Ancestral Energy Clearing, and her BA degree in Psychology, along with her natural born intuitive gifts, have helped many achieve increased peace and happiness. 

Please send your questions to: or Facebook private msg her at Donnarose. She will select questions each month to share with you. Donnarose regrets that unpublished questions cannot be answered individually. ~If you’d like a powerful distant ancestral energy clearing, please contact Donnarose at the email address above. 


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