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   Happy New Year 2018!  A perfect time for new beginnings where we replace the old with the new!  Speaking of changes, after 5 years of my Dear Donnarose column (Happy Anniversary!), “Donnarose~Higher Living” has now been born.  How fitting that the number 5 in angel numbers represents change.  Of course this wasn’t planned by me, but by the Universe.  But by now my readers know how highly I recommend heeding the direction the Universe is trying to send you in.  As I’ve mentioned before, you’ll know when it’s happening, as it’ll be a strong pull.
   The reason for the lotus logo, is that this beautiful flower represents my life, and the life of many of you no doubt.  That being, swimming through the mud, aka, basically living more so in the dark so to say, vibrating at a lower frequency where the ego is at the wheel.  Then finally growing out of the darkness into the Light, accompanied by increased inner growth, awareness, peace and love, as well as acceptance of our spiritual gifts.  Then for those of us who desire, it’s onward and up to serve others, thereby inspiring living life “in the Light” and having a “Light” frame of mind.  To me, the latter is my version of “Higher Living”, where we continue to radiate our Inner light while helping others who desire to do the same.  Hence, the hopeful end result- peace, love, and harmony- daily, or as often as possible.  I also like how someone wrote the lovely keywords to the lotus meaning as being, “Life, grace, purity, beauty, clarity, victory, promise, passion, strength, ascension, and spirituality.”  I’ll certainly add that to the results list.

   I learned the hard way, that in order to live life in the “Light” to achieve the above results, we have to raise our vibration, and then do our best to maintain at that higher level.  But, there’s no stopwatch on the time-frame, for as we know, it’s the process, the journey, not the destination that matters.  Earth school is for learning.  And on this journey, we certainly do a lot of that.

   Speaking of the process, it still seems to be tradition for a lot of us to make a list of resolutions for our journey into each New Year.  However, I thought it would be a perfect time to change it up a bit, and instead make a list of “ways to raise our vibration” as we head into 2018.  The results should last longer with greater benefits, and will keep us in “Higher Living” mode, as our inner Light continues to brighten.  What then accompanies our brighter light as we raise our vibration higher, is the manifestation of situations, people, things, etc., that are vibrating at the same frequency.  And more perks are: increased inner peace, compassion, harmony, patience, inner happiness, inner fulfillment, clarity, trust, understanding and love.

   To reap the above and many more benefits, here are some ways to raise your vibration.  You can use my suggested list below, and add whatever else works best for you.  Again, it’s the journey that counts, so go at a peaceful pace:  

Allow yourself to Be still.  I call this having a meditative moment.  Be still, and take a couple sacred breaths.

Allow simplicity in your life.  Purge as much stuff as possible.  The more we purge the more room for energy to flow in your surroundings.

-Practice acts of love and kindness.  Like laughter, this also quickly raises our vibration.

Replace fear with trust.  Fear delays.  Trust delivers.

– Allow yourself to live your life “on purpose” by:
  ~Finally doing those things you’ve been passionate about, without fear.

  ~Living your spiritual gift by serving others with them, i.e.; selling your artwork, doing readings and/or healings, writing a spiritually-based book, etc.

– Pray.  But be sure to rest your mind afterwards by trusting.  Worrying lowers our vibration.

– Meditate:  While doing nothing, you’ll be able to receive something, especially the answers to your prayers.

– Choose Love over judging.  Judging majorly lowers our vibration.

– Rather than absorb the news, observe it.  Many of us want to stay informed of what’s going on. However, when we’re able to observe any negative judgmental-type news without having to evaluate it, it helps our body avoid absorbing the negative energy, and helps us to maintain our higher vibration.  

– Surrender thoughts regarding your past and future, and live in the present moment when asking for Divine guidance. The present moment is the space holding Divine messages/answers to your prayers/questions. When our thoughts are anywhere but in the present moment, the “door”’ to the holding space remains closed. This is why we often hear some say their prayers are never answered.  They pray in the present moment, but then they go into worrisome thoughts about the future.  Breathe and stay present to receive. 

– Stay in a state of “Thanks”.  Genuinely thank God, (or whoever your loving Higher power is), for everything.  The more we do this, the “feel-good” things grow, and painful things go.  Gratitude is like a magnet to peace.

– Eat & drink clean (Free of chemicals as much as possible)

– Practice compassion for others and yourself.  Allow your heart to feel.

– Move your body/exercise.  Consistency is key.  When it becomes part of your schedule, it becomes habit and automatically gets done.  It lifts our vibration, helps lift fatigue, and can also help us sleep.  Now that’s pretty amazing. 

– Laugh.  Laugh often.  Laugh very often.  To me, laughter is one of the fastest ways to raise our vibration.

Due to limited space, here’s the rest:  Go in nature often,  listen to music,  sing,  dance,  volunteer,  pamper yourself,  get energy work done (i.e.; chakra clearing,  cut negative energetic cords,  use sage in your space to clear out any negative lower energies/entities,  massage,  ancestral energy clearings/healing (or any other healing modality you feel resonates with you), create a little sanctuary in your home,  read spiritual material, travel,  join a spiritual group, “creative anything” <-drawing in the sand or dirt counts,  repeat positive mantras /affirmations,  forgive everyone- especially yourself.  And once again, Laugh…Laugh often.    

  By simply starting any items on this list, you’ll begin to raise your vibration and head in the “Light” direction.  And that’s what Higher Living is all about.~♥

Donnarose Melvin is a Professional Ancestral Energy Clearing Intuitive. Her knowledge from her advanced practitioner trainings in Ancestral Energy Clearing, and her BA degree in Psychology, along with her natural born intuitive gifts, have helped many achieve increased peace and happiness.
Please send any inquiries or comments to:  ~If you’d like a powerful Ancestral Energy Clearing, please contact Donnarose at the email address above.

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