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   As many regular readers of this column know, the title and subtitle is only three months old.  This change is to help promote exactly what it reads.  Meaning, “Higher Living ~ Living life in the Light” is when we’re able to be more consistent at maintaining a higher vibrational frequency, and staying in a “light” frame of mind.  This keeps us moving in the “light” direction, onward and upward on the path towards peace, love and happiness.
We know when we’re off this path when we don’t feel happy with our actions, or our environment, or our life, and may feel stressed or anxious where our mind becomes clouded.  This is where we fall backwards and our vibration lowers.  Hence, our ego takes over the wheel and drives us on a rocky path filled with detours that don’t feel good.  Many are very familiar with this path, including me. 

   I mentioned the word happiness above, as it’s a key factor to Higher living.  Now some say happiness is overrated.  That may be true if their version of happiness is attributed to how many things they have, or how much money is in the bank or how big their house is, etc.  A different underrated version of happiness relates to living life in the light.  Where we learn to be more consistent at feeling happy by raising our vibration, which leads us towards that light I keep referring to.  That light we have within.  That when we focus our thoughts on the positives, and forgive and release all the negatives from all lifetimes, we’re able to feel the connection between our light and the brightest Light that exists.  That being the Creator or Love.  And when we connect to that Love, our vibration continues to shift and lift and we manifest situations to match that higher frequency.
And we’re able to stay connected to our inner flame of happiness connected to that Love.  The other benefit to this connection, is we start to radiate our inner light, which helps those around us who are at a lower vibration to see their way out of the darkness.  And then they start to feel happy and the cycle continues.

   Since it’s so important, let’s elaborate even more on feeling happy.  What would it be like if you became an expert at feeling happy in your life?  Where you looked in every nook and cranny of your personal environment and whatever other environment you frequented, and your current situations, and managed to find the most minute positive things in it.  Where you also looked in the mirror and were an expert at pinpointing any tiny positive thing about who you were looking at.  Where you made peace and forgave any negative thoughts and actions towards others and yourself, and others towards you, from all lifetimes.  What if you became an expert at all of this?  As we discussed above it surely would raise your vibration.  Then what would start to happen, is what can only happen.  You’d continue to be an expert at seeing wherever there are positives in people, things, and situations that manifest in your life, because that’s where your focus has been.  It’s what you’ve become an expert at.  Then you’d start to find that as time goes on, you realize you no longer have to look in the nooks and crannies to find the positives or the light so to say.
Because what will be manifesting, will totally encompass light, as your expertise will become second nature.  As a result, this way of being will start catching on to some of those around you, and they’ll start to manifest more light too.  And the feeling of inner happiness will continue to be felt as naturally as you feel your heartbeat.  To me, this is part of what Higher Living and living life in the Light is all about. 

   So what if you became an expert at feeling happy in your life?  What better time to start, than right now.~♥  

Donnarose Melvin is an Ancestral Energy Clearing/Healing Intuitive whose pleasure it is to serve clients worldwide. Her knowledge from her advanced practitioner trainings in Ancestral Energy Clearing, and her BA degree in Psychology, along with her natural born intuitive gifts, have helped many achieve increased peace and happiness.  Please send any inquiries or comments to:  ~If you’d like an ancestral energy clearing/healing, please contact Donnarose at the email address above.

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