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   “There is no way to peace.  Peace is the way ~ Mahatma Gandhi.  Quite often we hear ourselves or others say, “Why can’t I just be at peace,  I just want peace.  I’m tired of the drama and chaos and the hectic hustle and bustle.”  Lots of us say this as if we have to go somewhere to retrieve peace, and bring it back to our home like we do with groceries.  The great news is, we don’t have to take one step outside our house to feel peace, as the same way we go within to feel love, happiness and gratitude, is the same way to get, or feel peace.  All along, we actually have a one-stop shopping area right within us.  As love, peace, happiness and gratitude all came in the same package as our soul, which we connect to through our heart energy. 

   However the thing is, our ego came in the same package as our physical body.  And since most of us have become pros at accessing our ego and basing our actions on what our ego tells us, it has become one large part of why we feel disconnected from our peace.  As you read above, there’s only two things in the package the ego came in, and peace is not one of them.  But again, there are lots of goodies in our soul’s package, including peace.  So to get or feel peace, make it a habit to take some deep slow sacred breaths as you tell your ego to step aside, and thank your Higher power for helping you to connect to and feel the peace in your heart and soul.  Once you practice this, along with making time for stillness, you’ll most likely feel yourself taking nice releasing and relieving breaths.  It’s at that point, you can then take your feeling of peace and incorporate it in your daily actions towards yourself, your loved ones, and in any community- physically, as well as on social media. 

When you connect to your peace energy within, it’s like the peace door opens, and that energy emanates out of you.  This is how peace is spread out in our homes, surrounding areas, as well as our planet.  The more you consistently connect to your inner peace, the higher your “peace vibration” gets, and the more frequent are your peaceful acts.  What also starts to happen is just by your presence, people just walking by you who may not be connected to their peace, will feel yours.  Also those who step where you walked will absorb your peace energy.  This is how powerful we are when we connect to our peace within.  Once you experience consistently feeling peace amongst any chaotic or hectic situation, or feeling more peace due to now manifesting more gentle and peaceful situations, you will never want to go back to the old way. 

   To facilitate heading on your path to connecting to your inner peace as often as possible, take a moment to sit back, be still, take a beautiful peaceful breath, and receive a little Ancestral Energy Clearing.  This can help remove anything energetically that may have blocked you from your peace.

   “Infinite Source, All That you Are, for me, my family, our entire lineage, and all our relationships throughout all time- past, present and future: For all inner negative chatter; for all anxiety, worry, stress, times we were always on guard and on edge; For all self-(blame, criticism, sabotage), mistrust, jealousy, unworthiness, fear, guilt, shame, regret, times we were made to believe we weren’t enough; Please help us forgive each other, forgive ourselves, now and forever please and thank you.  For the times we stayed awake due to over-thinking; times we kept going and doing without resting so we didn’t have to feel the pain from any past or current situation; For the times we felt we weren’t important unless we were doing something for someone constantly but as a result, built up resentment.  For the times we were constantly worried about what others thought of us; times we had to “keep up with the Joneses” even when we couldn’t afford it; times we tried hard to fit in and be like others;  times we were “people pleasers” and never said “no”; For all addictions, alcohol, drug or mental illness and any effects it had on us at any time; For all the times we put everyone first and were depleted by the time we got to ourselves; Please help us forgive each other, forgive ourselves, no matter what happened, or what led up to it, or who was involved, and all that we made it mean, please and thank you. 

   For the highest good, please lift all wrongdoings, self-neglect, deprivation, pain, burden, abuse, deep disappointments and let downs, abandonment, loneliness and fear, transform it into your love and allow your love to flow back into all of us, giving and filling us with your complete love, harmony and peace, now and forever, please and thank you.  Please help us feel at peace with each other, and at peace with ourselves, completely and fully, please and thank you.”

   As you continue to apply the above, as well as repeat the peace-making clearing as often as possible, the sooner you will be and feel your peace.  Add trusting your Higher power and some positive affirmations to the mix, and you will find yourself handling even the most challenging situations with a level of peace you never knew existed.  Enjoy your new-found peace.  It’s been waiting for you all along.~♥  

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