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Submitted by Randall Townsend

Our nightly flag ceremony pays homage to Captain Ralph Styles (a Decorated WWII Submarine Captain in the Pacific Theater) who began this tribute ceremony about 30 years ago.

Each sunset our community comes together with new friends from around the world at Siesta Key’s public access #2, at 10 Beach Road.

All are welcome as we begin each tribute with the following:

“Welcome to Patriot’s Pier at Sunset Point! We thank you for joining our nightly tribute to honor the sacrifices of our military and service personnel in protecting our Country and our freedoms. We are the land of the free because of the brave!”

Our Patriots Pier at Sunset Point “Pearl Harbor Day” December 7, 2019 ceremony was honored by attendees: daughter of Captain Ralph Styles, Ann Styles; many veterans, and “The Chaplain JD Hamel’s daughter” Janet Hamel Solomon who lead our invocation with her grandchildren!

We were blessed to hear Ann Styles tell us the story of how her family was at Pearl Harbor that “Day in Infamy” in 1941, and how her mother and father watched from their home the Japanese planes destroy the harbor thus inspiring his patriotism!

We were honored to present to Ann the Flag that has been waving over Patriots Pier at Sunset Point since our rededication ceremony!

Both Ann and Janet said they were very blessed our ceremonies honor their families’ service and our traditions!

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