2018 East End Volleyball Event at Siesta Key Beach

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By Jaye Clements / Sarasota Photography

Hundreds gathered on Oct 20th & 21st for the East End Volleyball event.  Many spectators enjoyed our #1 beach, while men, women, and kids competed for top spots.  Rich Heiles, organizer since 1977, said he has enjoyed coming to Siesta Key beach, for over 20 years, for this twice a year event.  This year’s competition brought many athletes from Florida and a few from out of state.  I was impressed with their skills and sportsmanship!  What a great tournament!

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Results from East End Volleyball (EEVB) Facebook page:

WA winners:
1st: Heather Johnson & Michelle Frederick
2nd: Linnay George & Alefa Kerry
3rd: Sarah Schulze & Joy Bui

EEVB’s Siesta Key WAA winners:
Brooke & Ashley Pater
Only 13 & 14 years old.

Women’s Open Winners:
Jessica Mendoza & Adrianna Nora.

Men’s Open winners
1: Drew Mallin & Petr Doubravsky
2: Peter Connole & Carl Naslund

Men’s Open winners
1: Drew Mallon & Petr Doubravsk

Men’s AA winners
1: David Wilson & Christian Seitz
2: Charlie Stewart & Dylan Price

Girls 14 & Under Champs!
1st: Riley Baer & Lily Lucas
2nd: Lola Ackman & Julia Kane
3rd: Arianna Santos & Tyler Evans ·

Girls 16 & Under winners
1st: Jordyn Condreay & Hayden Wooldridge
2nd: Ashley & Brooke Pater
3rd: Kristina Gluc & Nicole Baer
3rd: Cassidy Roundtree & Natalie Skopalova

18U winners
1st: Cassidy Chambers & Alyssa Keller
2nd: Cadie Williams & Noa Askren
3rd: Linzy Bozeman & Rachael DiFrancesco

For more pictures CLICK HERE
Players can download pictures with password EEVB

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