Flag Ceremony

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Our nightly flag ceremony pays homage to Captain Ralph Styles (a Decorated WWII Submarine Captain in the Pacific Theater) who began this tribute ceremony about 30 years ago.

Each sunset, our community comes together with new friends from around the world at Siesta Key’s public access #2, at 10 Beach Road.

All are welcome as we begin each tribute with the following: “Welcome to Patriot’s Pier at Sunset Point!

We thank you for joining our nightly tribute to honor the sacrifices of our military and service personnel in protecting our country and our freedoms. We are the land of the free because of the brave!”

This year Our Patriots Pier at Sunset Point “Merry Christmas Wonderland” was thanks to Mike Consentino and sculpture creator Brian Wigelsworth of Gidget’s Coastal Provisions shop in the village. Enhancing the display was “Saluting Sandy” who united our holiday spirits and helped salute all our visitors and military and service personnel who have participated this year at Patriots Pier at Sunset Point! (Unfortunately, an alleged kick- boxer challenged “Saluting Sandy” to a one-sided fight and destroyed the display the same night it went up.)

Like all of fallen patriots, the memory of “Saluting Sandy” resonates in our hearts and minds.

All can enjoy our nightly sunset ceremonies by joining our Facebook page “Patriots Pier at Sunset Point Access 2”! And we all wish that everyone “See 20-20 and have a Prosperous 2020!”

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