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Obviously, these continue to be challenging times for everyone on so many levels. It is in times like this, little acts of kindness can make a significant impact and difference in someone’s day and life.

Certainly, there have been many gestures of support, compassion, and kindness during the Covid-19 pandemic. We received two letters that exemplify this type of kindness and community support. We want to take this opportunity to share them with you.

I Hope You See This!

To the lady who took the last bottle of hand sanitizer…

I was recently at Walgreens on 301 in Sarasota. As I walked into the store, I noticed a woman & a man standing by an empty shelf. The lady had just taken the last bottle of hand sanitizer while an older gentleman stood by and watched.

  I couldn’t help but watch as she turned to him, arm stretched out, and offered him that last bottle!  I listened as he gently said, “no thank you, that’s okay,” as she continued to try to give it to him! She didn’t know I was there standing there in awe, nor did he, they were in their own little world one-on-one.

   She didn’t know I had just come from Target where I witnessed a lady grabbing two cases of Lysol wipes! She didn’t know I was struggling with that, not knowing whether this other woman was hoarding or was she possibly sharing with others. 

   She didn’t know that I really needed to see this example of love this day. I had been running errands and experiencing all the aisles at Publix being wiped out like just about every store in town! 

   I thought about how generous this woman was and how she probably knew that was really the last one!  I thought about the struggle she must have experienced thinking about her own family.  I thought about that man and how he knew he was older and in that age range and was likely to have worse symptoms than most and how he must have really wanted that last bottle for him or his wife.

   I don’t know who won that battle of kindness because I was in a hurry as usual trying to get things done. I had a to do list!  I know it was just a little gesture, but it made my day!  Thinking about both of them made me realize there are really kind people in Sarasota!

   I just wanted to say “Thank you” to both of you! I really appreciated seeing humanity at its best! It gave me hope and I wanted you to know what a privilege and honor it was to see that exchange firsthand. Next time, I will slow done a bit to take the time to say, “thank you,” in person! My errands didn’t mean as much as that moment in time.

   At Mothers Helping Mothers ( we experience that hope every day as volunteers! I can’t tell you all the acts of kindness we see! We are so blessed! It’s like we are part of a whole different world. A world filled with love, peace and hope for a better future!  I want you to know I am grateful to everyone involved with helping others!

Whether it’s giving your time or donations! We appreciate you and so do the people who receive it! It may be something small but it’s huge to someone else! 

   Please always remember that someone may be watching you, it may be a stranger (like me who happened to need to see that act of kindness that day) or you may do something that encourages your own little ones, your own family or friends, co-workers, but whatever you do it matters to someone!!! Let’s all be good examples, especially during this time!

   Check on your neighbors, family, friends, especially the seniors that you know. A bag of groceries at their front door could mean the world to them! Some seniors aren’t up to par on the internet and having items delivered. You could be their lifeline!

   Make an old fashioned phone call and check on them. They may be lonely or worried right now and just need to chat. Let’s show everyone what it really means to love! After all, from what I’ve seen, we really care about community! Let’s live up to our reputation as the friendliest beach town around! Let’s make a positive impact in our town and beyond! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Love, Jaye 
MHM Outreach Volunteer

Advertising expert offers free assistance to businesses

Linda Gross offers her professional services to the community

   With so many area businesses experiencing unprecedented uncertainty and being required to operate in a new arena during the COVID-19 pandemic, local marketing expert Linda Gross has decided to offer her assistance in the form of a complimentary one-hour consultation to the first 10 businesses who respond to this announcement. As the owner of Sarasota-based advertising agency Advice Solutions, Linda has many years of experience in marketing and public relations, media planning and buying including strategy, and she understands the economic stress that is rocking local businesses in all departments.

“I’m a small business owner too, so I know what our community and business leaders are going through,” said Linda. “Offering my help seems the least I can do to help others struggling to organize a new or changed ‘game plan.’ Everything may be different right now, but businesses still need to communicate with their customers and promote their brand and strategies must be changed (from websites to campaigns to internal communication). The social environment that fits the now marketplace must be incorporated.  Our team can help them with updating the buyer message, evaluate budgets, and together come up with a plan that works for each unique situation.”

Linda has been a leader in the Sarasota advertising industry for over 20 years. Her client roster has included most of the region’s top builders and developers including Taylor Morrison, Neal Communities and Lakewood Ranch Communities. She has also consulted for legal firms, retail shops, restaurants, country clubs, non-profit groups and many more in every category with a local, regional and national agreement. Over the years, Linda has been a supporter of causes to benefit local arts and educational charities personally and through advising clients. She is a past board member of Designing Women Boutique (DWB), serves as a key advisor for DWB and holds memberships positions in many local organizations.

To take advantage of Linda’s offer for a one-hour marketing and business operation consultation at no charge, be among the first 10 businesses to call 941-720-0462 or email  at For more information about Linda and Advice Solutions, visit

If you would like to share acts of kindness, support, and compassion you have experienced or witnessed during these challenging times, please send to us at We all will continue to need inspiration as we collectively battle this health crisis. These stories help remind everyone we are all in this together and we can count on each other to persevere.

Stay well,

Brion Palmer
Todd Zerega

Siesta Sand
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