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By Brion Palmer

Dear loyal Siesta Sand readers:

We are committed to continuing to provide excellence in reporting and serving as the trusted and definitive resource for Siesta Key. However, during the past several years we have been experiencing soaring costs, most notably with respect to paper, printing, and mailing.
In addition, we have made significant investments in our operations, such as a revamped website, a weekly news email providing timely updates to our readers and, most importantly, investments in our editorial staff.
To offset some of these rising costs and to support continued investments into the quality of the paper we are asking residents of Siesta Key to help support the Siesta Sand through an annual subscription in the amount of $60. This will ensure that you will continue to receive the Siesta Sand every month in the mail. We will cease the complimentary mailing of the Siesta Sand to Siesta Key residents effective with the February 2024 issue.
We hope you will consider a subscription to continue to support having a dedicated community paper that provides the following benefits:

  • Local news coverage providing detailed coverage of the stories and issues affecting Siesta Key.
  • A platform for community engagement that serves as a medium for residents, local organizations, and the business community to come together.
  • Promoting Siesta Key and its businesses to our many visitors from around the country and from around the world.
  • Preserving local history by continuing as an ongoing publication that documents the history of Siesta Key.
    Therefore, we ask that you consider supporting local journalism in your community by subscribing to the Siesta Sand today. You may subscribe by going to and entering your mailing address and credit card information.

Note: If you are a seasonal resident, we will mail your subscription to either residence. Simply enter your primary residence in the main form and enter your secondary address in the “notes” field on the subscription form. You should also indicate the months in which it should be mailed to each residence in the “notes” field.
We thank you for your continued support of the Siesta Sand and look forward to providing you with the quality journalism that Siesta Key deserves.

Sincerely, Brion Palmer
Publisher, Siesta Sand

Brion Palmer
Author: Brion Palmer

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