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Here’s to 10 years of serving Siesta, thanks to you

By Brion Palmer

The Siesta Sand quietly celebrated its 10th anniversary in January 2022. We are proud and thankful for this accomplishment. We owe it to our readers and our advertisers to be able to celebrate 10 years as Siesta Key’s newspaper. Thank you.

What Could $250,000 Buy on Siesta Key? That is the headline at the top of the front page of the Siesta Sand back in January 2012.

The debut cover of the Siesta Sand.

“Not much,” if I am answering that question in 2022. At least as far as real estate goes. The $250,000 would make a good down payment, though.

As I peruse through the first issue of the Siesta Sand, I see some businesses that still support their community paper with their advertisements: SKOB, CB’s, Siesta Key Fitness, Casey Key Fish House, Johnny’s Free Beach Rides, Siesta 4-Rent, and West End Pub.

Their support, and that of many more businesses you see advertising in this issue, allow the Siesta Sand to continue to serve the community. For that, we are grateful and thank you.

One ad in the inaugural issue serves as a reminder how real estate continues to drive the news on Siesta Key. The building that was home to Crescent Beach Grocery, an advertiser in the January 2012 issue, was sold last month to Chris Brown. This issue contains an update on the status of this property on page 11 of this issue.

If you have ever wondered about how the paper came to be named the Siesta Sand I have an interesting story compliments of Bob and Emy Stein, the previous owners and publishers,

The deadline was approaching to publish the first issue and Bob and Emy had tossed around several ideas, including the Sandpaper.

One day, as they were walking (possibly on the beach), Bob said to Emy “It is the sand that brings people from all over the world to Sarasota.”

With that simple but astute statement, the paper had a name and a tagline: Siesta Sand – Why the world comes to Sarasota.

We had the great fortune of acquiring the paper from the Steins in January 2019 – yep, just a couple of months prior to COVID-19. Nonetheless, because of the support of the community, the paper persevered.

I would personally like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone that supports the Siesta Sand through their readership and advertising. All of us at 27th State Media are proud to serve the Siesta Key community – residents, businesses, and visitors. We are proud to be part of the community.

One last thing: If you ever wondered about the origin of the name 27th State Media, the answer is quite simple. Florida was the 27th state to be accepted into the United States. Not quite as elegant as Siesta Sand – Why the world comes to Sarasota, but just as meaningful.

Brion Palmer
Author: Brion Palmer

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