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By Brian WigelsworthDSC_1324

Sand Sculpting: Too Ephemeral?

Ephemeral – [ih-fem-er-uh l]; adjective; 1. lasting a very short time, temporary. Sand sculpting is definitely an ephemeral art form, and most of us professional sand sculptors love that aspect about it. You have a certain amount of time to create it and view it, then it’s gone. Yes the sculptures are ephemeral, but the events should not be. Without events like the Siesta Key Crystal Classic we wouldn’t get a chance to create these large, beautiful works of art in the first place.

In my last month’s article I let you in on an exciting element of the Siesta Key Crystal Classic International Sand Sculpting Festival coming up in November. We were going to build a 15 foot high sand sculpture of a drive-in movie screen complete with vintage sign, stockade fence, palm trees and cars brandishing the logos of the sponsors of the event. Then, we had arranged for the spectacular Sarasota Film Festival to come out on Saturday night and show a movie against our sand screen for a night of family fun. It was a wonderful idea that had never been done before! Unfortunately the event’s major sponsor from last year, our first national corporate sponsor, is not returning. And other sponsors have been difficult to acquire. Due to the lack of funds we have had to cancel the entire movie idea.

margeritaville fashion show stageThe Crystal Classic is a very large and expensive endeavor. These are the best artists in the world working in sand today. This year we have sculptors coming from Russia, Italy, Holland, Ireland and the Czech Republic, just to name a few. We pay the artists to attend. We transport, house and feed them. We rent the beach, and have to pay the county for the equipment and manpower needed to create the sand garden and vendor village, trash removal, police and EMT support. And these just scratch the surface of what it takes to put on an international event of this caliber. But we, the organizing committee, try to do what we can to make this event better each and every year. Try to bring something special each time, like last year’s Margaritaville resort-wear fashion show we put on top of a 65 foot long sand sculpture….that was fantastic! And it had never been done before!

This year’s show will still be loaded with beautiful sand art, good food, drink and music, and fun for all ages! But, we really could use more help. We are still behind the gun. We need commercial or private sponsors to step up and help us keep this event going and growing. Do you want some extra and unusual public exposure for your company? Do you know someone else who does? Or do you simply have the resources to help this wonderful community art event survive and thrive? If so, please contact the Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce at 941-349-3800 and tell them you want to help the Siesta Key Crystal Classic. And who knows, if we get enough support, we may get that night at the drive-in after all!!


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