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Brownie lovers have a new local source for delicious, homemade brownies. Lula’s Brownies, owned and operated by Marilou Berrios, is a business that bakes original brownies with only one flavor – deliciousness.

The idea to turn her homemade treats into a business was a family affair. “The idea of selling our brownies was first mentioned one night while having dinner,” said Marilou. My three sons (17, 14 and 12) were saying how much all their friends loved my brownies. Every time they had a birthday, I would bake a batch of brownies and their friends would devour them.”

Lulu’s Brownies are made daily to guarantee freshness

“It was at that point that my boys started telling me, mom, we need to sell these brownies. The boys all believed it would a great business! It wasn’t long before I caved to the pressure and Lula’s Brownies was born!”

Lula’s Brownies was registered in November 2019. Initially, Lula’s sold brownies to family and friends. However, by January 2020, Lula’s Brownies was the sponsored dessert for 500 women attending the Voice + Visibility Women’s Summit luncheon.

Lulu’s Brownie Sticks are getting rave reviews from customers

“This event was an exciting introduction to our business,” said Marilou. “We created 500 mini-brownie bags; one for each guest. The production line became a family affair. The brownies were a big hit and the luncheon was a great success.”

Lula’s Brownies is getting rave reviews from customers, too. Here is a sample of the reviews: “Amazing customer service,” said Amy from Dallas. “The best brownies ever,” said VG from Miami. “I wish more places had customer service and treats this good,” said Britney from Rochester. “The packaging was also great,” she added.

Lulu’s offers professional packaging and uses eco-friendly materials

The COVID pandemic put the brakes on Lula’s Brownies, like on many other small businesses.. However, business has started to return.

“We are currently participating in a cross-marketing strategy with a renowned real estate law firm. The real estate firm gives clients custom brownie gift bags that we designed for them,” said Marilou. “We can do that for your business, too. Simply give us your logo and we can make them your own.”

Lula’s Brownies are baked fresh every morning. They come in six different packages: large brownie package (25 brownies) for $25, medium brownie package (15 brownies) for $15, small brownie package (8 brownies) for $8, mini brownie package (2 brownie bites) for $4, single 4 x 4 brownie bag for $5, brownie sticks (4 crispy brownie edges) for $5.

Lula’s Brownies can also make brownie trays for your next special event and include personalized messages upon request.

You can order Lula’s Brownies either online at lulasbrownies.com or by phone at 787-308-0609. Local delivery is available for a nominal charge.

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