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Siesta Key Association Meeting
By Diana Colson

APRIL MINUTES: Approved as written.


  •  Code Enforcement: John Lally returned April 28. He read a list of code issues that had come up, mostly concerning remodeling without permits, short term rentals, convictions, and scheduled hearings. Regrettably, a Code Enforcement Officer who was investigating an illegal rental had been assaulted.
  • Sherriff’s Office: Sgt. Scott Osborne was relieved that Spring Break was over! During March and April, 38 deputies had been assigned to Siesta Key. The beach parking lot was full by 9:30 or 10.  A lot of arguments over parking spaces. Standing in a parking lot to save a parking spot is not allowed, and can incur a $100 fine. Sheriff’s Office has been very proactive on possession of alcohol, etc. There have been a lot of complaints about parking on North Shell Rd. at Access #1. Hopefully the County Commissioners will come up with an improved plan for Access #1.
  • SIESTA KEY VILLAGE ASSOCIATION: Has a new president, Wendall Jacobsen of the Beach Bazaar.

UPDATES ON EMERGENCY SERVICES, HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS, AND POST DISASTER RECOVERY: Scott Montgomery, Recovery Section Chief of Sarasota County Emergency Management Recovery, updated the SKA board on the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP.) This Public Safety Group deals with what are we going to do and how are we going to do it in times of emergency.  Montgomery emphasized 3 points: 1.) everyone should have an emergency  plan for themselves and for their family; 2.)  FEMA is not a first responder; 3.)State and Federal assets come into play when local resources start to become overwhelmed.

In 2014, between 9and 12 named storms are expected, 3 or 4 with gale force winds. However, no, actual hurricanes are expected, largely due to El Nino. However, hurricanes can be unpredictable.  The county will start using Facebook and Twitter as well as traditional media to keep the public informed. “Hurricane Watch” means “maybe”  “Hurricane Warning” means that a hurricane is actually on its way.

If a hurricane is coming, should you stay or go?  If you live on a barrier island, or in a mobile home, flood-prone area, or mandatory evacuation zone, GO!  If at all possible, stay with friends. Shelters will be available, and dogs and cats will be accepted at some.  Be prepared for being out of your home for 7 days. You will need cash, water, meds, and canned goods.  Make a plan and be informed.  Detailed information can be found at

Re-Entry plan after the storm:  CLOSED means only First Responders will be able to enter. LIMITED means only credentials business owners and homeowners may enter. OPEN means all may enter. These decisions are made by Law Enforcement.  Persons approved for access will be issued a wrist tag. Valid credentials include: driver’s license, voter ID card, Property Tax Bill, Utilities/phone Bill, Employee ID card, pay stubs from an Island Business, Rental or Lease agreement. Vehicles and pedestrians not having proper identification shall be denied clearance.



  •  Membership:  Nothing new to report.
  •  Zoning:  Three new, undeveloped lots have been denied exception again.
  •  Environment: We lost 3 Snow\y Plover nests in the last two weeks, and legal surveillance was brought in from the state. Many visitors are not aware of the plight of these birds. Informational signage was suggested.

      Old Business:

  •  Big Pass Dredging: Nothing has happened yet. Sampling is still going on.  No news expected until mid-late June. Catherine Luckner has discovered that the document on the Lido Park Purchase states that the area must be kept in its natural state.  This may include sand.
  •  Avenida de Mayo parking: Signs are up. People are still parking there. Fine of $25 seems insignificant to many tourists. Residents and SKA call, but Sheriff’s Office is not enforcing the fine.
  •  Village Outdoor Display Status: Only applies to retail businesses and rentals, not to restaurants. SKVA has not yet submitted the ordinance to the County.
  •  Stickney: Red Turn on Right Update: Problem with limited sightline for signage. Nora Patterson will ask the County to drive the intersection and see what can be done to increase sightline.

 New Business: A new resident asked where he could see the long term vision for Siesta Key. Nora Patterson said that the Comprehensive Plan clearly states no increase in density on the key. The Community Plan was written in 1999.  The board agreed that it makes sense to have a new, updated plan.

The next SKA Monthly Meeting will be Thursday, June 5th, at 4:30 PM.

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