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Welcome back snowbirds!

Some of you don’t like the term “snowbird," but we don’t view it as a derogatory or negative term; rather more of an affectionate nickname. I never really put much time thinking of the definition of a snow bird. Maybe because it's obvious you got this nickname from flying south when the snow arrives – which I call very smart. I was just in Ann Arbor for a football game and it was 20°F. I left a good game at halftime. That is cold to the bone man!

It is great to see the return of many friendly and familiar faces…you know who you are! You arrive on the island as soon as it gets below 30°F at your home. You stay until it warms up, then you leave us for the summer. It's a great plan. I'm still trying to figure out how I can spend four months of summer in Michigan and eight months of winter and spring on the beach without retirement. I guess the only thing holding me back is this thing called a J-O-B. To change the words a bit on some Steve Miller Band lyrics…you treat me like an ocean; you swim in our waters when it's warm. Well kudos to you and welcome back!

I love it when Siesta Key is full of life and positive energy. The traffic I can live without but you take the good, you take the bad and there you have the facts of life. Here is what you missed in Sarasota over the summer: RAIN! I think it started raining just past Easter and continued every day until November. Throw in a Hurricane and a few floods and there it is. At least our lawns are green and we got most of the Hurricane debris cleaned up for you. I want to give a special thanks to the City of Sarasota and the Department of Sanitation for what I'm sure was a costly and time consuming clean up. The beach renovation is complete and our Siesta Key small businesses & restaurants are ready and waiting your arrival. The putting greens are fast, the sunsets are as beautiful as ever, and Siesta Key is open for business.

Welcome back and enjoy your winter! I know your gonna need your Florida seafood fix so I will see y'all at the Big Water Fish Market. I'm truly happy you're back but you must know you break my heart every Easter when you leave us…again you know who you are. But it's okay…I've learned how to appreciate the time you spend with us and deal with it when you leave. Thank you for making Siesta Key your second home!

I know everyone has their favorite spots but here are a few of my go to spots for you to check out…

If you’re in the Village, I like to start the day with coffee at LeLu’s. They are definitely one of the coolest coffee shops I’ve ever been in. After a day at the beach, the ice cream from the Orange Octopus on the south end of the island always hits the spot. If you like to combine oysters with happy hour then SKOB in the Village, Captain Curt’s on the south side of the island and Monks Oyster Bar over the bridge in Gulf Gate are all great choices.

Live well…eat fish!
Scott Dolan


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