Photo Gallery of our island visitors

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Sarasota Photography / Jaye Clements~ 
Summertime means family fun time! & What a great way to spend summer, at Siesta Key Beach!  There are grills, a park, volleyball nets, a food pavilion, sparkling blue water and cool, white powdery sand…  What more could you ask for?

Heather, John, Colton, Kathy, Susan from TN.
Shannon, Madeline from IL
Leona, Kim, Wanda from CT.
Cole age 2, Elise age 6 from MO
Trevor, Alexis, Ashlon, Grayson from GA.
Brooklyn age 6, Bianca age 4, , Blake 4, Beckett age 10 months from IL

At the Beach pics
By Trebor Britt ~

BFF’s, Mackenzie Getchell, Sam Milligan, and Raina Chin-Yee of Sarasota enjoying a late afternoon on the soft powdery sands of Siesta Beach. Sam will be attending Ringling Art School and Raina will start her nursing curriculum at the University of Central Florida
New friends, Maddy Edwards (5) of Fort Worth, TX and Isabella Taraj (18 months) of Sarasota jointly carry water from the Gulf of Mexico to a special spot on one of the nation’s kid friendliest shorelines, Siesta Beach
Former Sarasota resident, Tone Tata, now of West Palm, having fun in the sun while demonstrating his outstanding skill juggling clubs on the soft sands of Siesta Beach
Siesta Sand
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Photo Gallery of our Island Visitors ~