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Dear editor,

I read the article in the March issue of Siesta Sand by Ned Steele entitled “What’s up with these docks?” with interest. As a resident of the Siesta Shores Condominium Association to which these docks are associated, I’d like to respond to the concerns contained in this article by Doug Holder.

Mr. Holder expressed a concern that the four new boat docks/lifts jeopardize navigation. Did Mr. Holder have any concerns about hazards to navigation before the construction of the docks? Did he have any concerns with any of the other docks along the entirety of Canal Road, on the same side as the new docks, being hazards to navigation?

Having just returned from a boat ride in the canal, I can attest to the fact that there are several areas in the canal narrower than the area where the new docks were installed. Thus, I find Mr. Holder’s concern about navigation hazards to be baseless and without merit.

Mr. Holder feared that his 30-foot boat (one of the biggest on that side of the canal) is in jeopardy of getting hit by an unskilled boater. Did Mr. Holder fear his boat being hit by unskilled boaters prior to the dock’s construction? Also, note that Mr. Holder’s boat is on a lift several feet above the surface of the canal and, with the exception of the stern and several feet of the bow, the majority of Mr. Holder’s boat is protected by the outer frame of the boat lift and the two canal-side pilings on which the boat lift is attached.

Mr. Holder stated that the removed vegetation resulted in subjecting him and his neighbors to noise pollution from the exposed road. Noise pollution? Really? I know that I’ve heard more voices and music coming from that side of the canal, and I just consider it as part of living where I do.

Mr. Holder says he knows “too much” when he sees it. In response, I would say I know a case of NIMBY (not in my back yard) when I see it. It does beg the question: would Mr. Holder have these same concerns if the docks had not been constructed directly across from his residence?

Randy Kulzer, Siesta Key

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