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Important message to all canal fishermen

Dear Editor,

Many area homes are situated on waterways that meander through our beautiful Islands and homesites.  Fishing in our canals and open waters is a pastime enjoyed by both residents and renters. 
What too many casual fishermen don’t know is that they should never leave an unattended fishing line out in a canal.  If you are fishing in a canal, please know that our waters are not very deep, so if you don’t reel your line in, it can easily end up around a boat’s propeller. 
When this happens, it is not simply the loss of the fisherman’s bait or lure.  The far bigger damage is done when that fishing line slices the seal to the motor’s lower unit.  The damage caused is both environmental and mechanical and can cost the boat owner hundreds of dollars to replace a shredded lower unit seal, or thousands of dollars if the lower unit gears are damaged from the loss of lubricant.
I don’t think I need to mention where that lubricant ends up when the lower unit seal is compromised.  So, if you are a resident,  please take heed, but equally important, if you are a renter of a home on a canal, PLEASE leave instructions for your guests to never leave fishing lines out unattended, and be sure to reel in when boats are passing.

Thank you,
John Sollazzo
AKA Siesta John

Siesta Sand
Author: Siesta Sand

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