Lifeguard stations get tumbler treatment

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By Hannah Wallace

The trick to a good logo design is to capture the essence of a place with a simple but unmistakable combination of shapes and colors. Lisa Neild has endeavored to do just that for Siesta Key with her new Siesta Stands products, featuring her clean, clear take on the island’s iconic lifeguard stations.
In 2020, Neild, a professional photographer in Chicago for more than 20 years, shuttered her studio due to COVID-19. Later that year, she and her husband pulled the trigger on a winter home in Siesta, though Neild herself had never been here. The lifeguard stands grabbed her attention from the start.
Arguably the Key’s most recognizable (and most photographed) landmarks, the Siesta Beach lifeguard stations, each with its own bold, single-color paint job, stand out against the beach’s expanse of white quartz sand.
“I was so attracted to them in terms of taking pictures of them,” she said. “They show up in murals and artwork and postcards and T-shirts.”

Lisa Neild with her Siesta Key-themed tumbler. (submitted photo)

Eager to keep her creative juices flowing, Neild had been dabbling in digital design. The lifeguard stations made for the perfect subject. She soon struck on two things: First, that the buildings made a perfect logo for Siesta Key; and second, that the distinct colors — blue, green, red and yellow — worked both individually and together as a four-piece collection.
“The colors are so great, and when I finished, I just immediately thought this would work so well as a set. Everybody gets their own!” she said.
And as a new Sarasota resident and longtime fan of Tervis tumblers, Neild knew exactly what products would pair best with her designs. The Venice-based manufacturer agreed to work with her, and Siesta Stands was born.
In December, Neild received her first wholesale inventory shipment at her family’s Chicago-area garage.
“I joked to my family that I had all these boxes in our garage, so everybody might be getting these for Christmas next year,” she laughed.
Siesta Stands debuted in January with a set of four Tervis tumblers, available online at and on the Key at Gidget’s Coastal Provisions in the Village and Sunshine and Sand Hidden Treasures in Crescent Plaza.
“It was a really scary risk, but they all went really fast and I’m already on my third reorder,” Neild said at the end of February.
Her designs are also available on keychains and as stickers. “We’re working on a baseball cap idea, too,” Neild said. “I’d love to do a lot of different things, but I’m definitely starting slowly and I’m realizing that one-size-fits-all is a safer concept.”
Neild also forged a partnership with Protect Siesta Key, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting and advocating for responsible governance on the island. Siesta Stands donates 15% of its online sales to the organization.
In less than four years, Neild said Siesta Key has made a distinct impression her, and she hopes that Siesta Stands will get the attention of others who feel a similar connection to the island — even without an explicit “Siesta Key” label. Her website and Instagram pages summarize Siesta Stands designs with the slogan, “If you know, you know …”
“People who really know the place and love the place will see them and know exactly what they are,” she said.

Hannah Wallace
Author: Hannah Wallace

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