Mind Body Soul: February 2021

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Whole Wellness

by Dolores Day

An introduction is proper as a new column has been established for you the faithful reader!

Hello my friend! My name is Dolores Day, but you can simply call me De for short! I am humbled by the opportunity to birth a new column in your monthly beloved Siesta Sand. As a resident for over 22 years of this beautiful and very special island, I have come to not just love the tropical landscape and magical white crystal sands, but to also love the people that I call my neighbors and friends. It is most certainly a privilege to call this island my home and to serve this trusted island paper with a health and wellness column!

Everyone has a purpose in life, all of equal importance and contribution to humanity. My purpose has always been to learn how to balance and heal every part of my Being, so that I can use my internal gifts to teach and empower others to do the same!

For over 24 years, I have been an educator, a leader and a coach in the Health Industry. I have spent decades serving as a fitness trainer at Siesta Key Fitness. I passionately teach others how to adopt healthy lifestyle changes and overcome self-limiting belief patterns!

As a wife of 18 years, a mother of 2 boys, and 3 extra children, as well as the owner of 2 businesses, I have an expansive perspective of what it means to wear many hats and fulfill many responsibilities. Like you, I am always serving many people at a time and constantly filling another’s cups! However, I hope to point a light on one of the most powerful and impactful truths that will influence your health!

“We CANNOT give away what we do not possess ourselves!” Dr. Wayne Dyer

My interesting and traumatic early life taught me that before I could teach another how to live abundantly and healthy, I must learn to heal and become healthy myself! If we do not take responsibility and care for our own selves it is not possible to show up for another fully and to our best ability take care of another. We can’t fill another cup from one that has run dry. We MUST invest on our own health and wellbeing first and then extend this outwardly to others. Very simply, by making the investment of our time, energy and resources to generate greater health and whole wellness in our own life first, we than have the potential to create a greater impact for good on the ones we love!

What I know to be true now after all the decades I have personally spent seeking, growing, learning and then applying practices is that we are not One part Beings. No, what we are is so much more than what we see with the physical eyes. We are 3 dimensional beings of Mind, Body, and Soul. And if we seek to live our best lives, we must learn how to nourish and feed ALL of these parts not just one to be aligned and balanced! With daily practices, healthy disciplines and positive truths, we can then work towards living a Vibrant, Happy life that is in a state of constant never ending improvement! I think we all can agree that to live a happy, healthy and peace filled life is a common denominator we all share!

My intention for this column is to create a dedicated space where you may come to learn about Mind, Body and Soul Whole Wellness. My hope is that you feel inspired and encouraged to continue your quest of growing, evolving and making changes in your own life if necessary! It is my honor to offer you a trusted source where you can expect to receive this nourishment. A place where you can look forward to getting your own cup filled up with truth and inspiration!

Our life is a beautiful journey and when we open up our hearts and minds, take in powerful truths, and apply consistent action matched with patient persistence, we can move closer towards the success of living our Best Life! My hope is for you to feel uplifted, connected and empowered so you can take positive action now!

I am honored. I am excited. And, I am so grateful to be serving you with this new column of Whole Mind Body & Soul Wellness. Thank you, my friend and reader.

* To read a daily dose of inspired teachings you can find and follow De on Instagram @spread.love.and.light or on her website at www.de-day.com

Dolores Day
Author: Dolores Day

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