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By Dolores Day

“Clear your mind of can’t.”

— Samuel Jackson

In all of my experience and personal growth as well as working with so many others, I have found that doing this one act of radical mind sweeping completely alters one’s attitude. When we alter our attitude, we change our life! When the word “can’t” is eradicated from the mind, the proper and true attitude that replaces it is I can. It literally sings the opposite to be bold and true that all things are possible. When the mind believes and affirms that it can, it opens the many doors of possibility and limitations are released. The “I can’t” prison door that closes out all potential is blown wide open. Now the world of unlimited potential and opportunity can slowly become our reality.

The mind is absolutely our most powerful tool when we learn how to use it properly and for the highest good. Removing the word can’t, and either assuming its opposite, I can, or even more affirmative, I will, is the single largest step towards any kind of desired success. Let me explain. When ones says either out loud or in the deep caverns of the mind, “I can’t”, they are cutting themselves off of all possible countless outcomes and any combination of unforeseen possibilities and future success. They shut off their connection to their faith that there is greater unknowns. It is as if they have chosen with the power of their word to shut off the running water to their home. Saying can’t removes all hope. However, if one simply removes this word completely and replaces it with I can or I could or even just simply eliminates the suggestion altogether, one is empowering the mind and opening itself up to expansive opportunities.

Eliminating this word takes time and practice. For most of us it is a trained habit to repeat this word on autopilot and continue casting this limiting spell over our lives.

One way to eliminate this toxic word from our vocabulary is to ask ourselves, and also answer, “I can’t?, or I won’t?” Because indeed there is a difference. If the answer is I won’t, that is OK. In fact, that is a self-empowering statement that says you stand firm in your belief or lack of desire to do something for whatever your reason. This is true power. You are not denying that you can, but rather making a conscious choice that you do not will it. We can also stop ourselves mid-sentence and actually erase the word in our mind by saying out loud “delete, delete.” By this we remove its power and slowly train the mind to find this word disagreeable and untruthful. In time our mind will create new

patterns that not only make us feel good, but that relinquish the self-limiting belief that we are not capable of any sort of thing.

If our desire or intention to accomplish something is even stronger and has become a must in our mind, then our word should become stronger and even more powerful by affirming “I will,” once again persuading our mind that in fact our will is going to be done in its proper time. The mind will actually begin to respond to this affirmative command and work towards ways to seek the fulfillment of our desire.

The physical body will also begin to shift when we alter the mind to living in a state of unlimited potential! The word ‘not’ is a negative word that neutralizes or even cancels out positive. Yes, words can either emit positive or negative energy depending on our personal association to the word itself. So, if we stick to I can or I could, we will find our psyche will actually approve this possibility and begin to feel good. Our body will feel excited or even more alive. This truth can be established with a quick muscle test using your own arm. More and more people use Dr. David Hawkins’ studies and teachings on muscle testing of the body with specific words. Try it, it’s fun!

When this word is cleared from our mind and is a long-lost memory and we no longer play tribute to its falseness, we will alas begin to see external changes in our world. Here is the truth: You CAN do anything, you may not WANT to do all that is required to achieving it, but it doesn’t negate the possibility that you can.

And just because we can, doesn’t mean that we should.

We all already exist in a sea of unlimited potential. We must just train our mind to know and feel it. So set your goals and make a plan. You CAN in fact do anything your heart and mind truly desires!

— Yours in love and light, De Day

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Dolores Day
Author: Dolores Day

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