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“You are a soul with a body, rather than a body with a soul.”

— Wayne Dyer

By Dolores Day

I remember the first time I awakened to this truth. It was such a simple concept, and yet it was completely opposite to what I had always believed to be true.
It’s amazing how many times in our life our entire way of thinking and perspective can change in just a moment if we are open to looking at things from a slightly different angle. This truth is very simple. How could I have missed it? Could it be for me because I was in the fitness and health industry for decades helping others focus on healing their bodies and getting their physical form stronger?
Or perhaps it was because as a child this truth couldn’t have been further away from what I had learned.
The body in fact was always the center of attention. How did one look? How did one measure up and compare to that of a peer? What was he/she wearing? What was the flaw staring back at me in the mirror on this day? Or on this day would the world smile back at me differently because I had on a new pink dress?
Sadly, the focus was not on who I truly was but rather the physical image that was presented to the world. I think many can relate. However, I now rejoice in teaching a new truth.
Indeed, the body is important for it is the vessel that we get to enjoy and experience life in. We must take care of and appreciate the body we have been loaned for a while during our stay here on earth. However, what the mirror and society reflect back to us must stop being our sole focus. We have misplaced our attention. We have a body, but we are not our body. We are so much more. But because the physical eyes do not perceive more, it is clearly absent from our view.
When I read this meme, I let it percolate in my mind as to the relevance it had on myself and on others. It only took a moment for my true self to accept and agree upon it, and then slowly a shift in my perception followed.
Yes, I realized there was so much more than meets the eye.
We are souls! We are perfect in every way as we are, regardless the reflection that glares back at us after our early morning rise. Have we all missed this truth? Or, have we just forgotten it?
When we are children we clearly remember! Children don’t judge their bodies, or the form of another. No! They just enjoy them, use them and love them. They are gleeful and joyful in every moment, never even looking at a mirror without being told to! They know and believe they are special just the way they are. And then one day, worldly life distracts us from this belief and we adopt new thoughts and patterns and beliefs about who we are.
We forget to dance with crazy moves, to laugh hysterically at the word “toot,” and to smile at a stranger for no reason. We lose our curiosity for the ant that walks in between the side walk cracks, and we no longer watch with awe at the squirrel as he infinitely chases his brother along the tree branches just for fun.
We simply forget. I think it is time to remember. We are beautiful souls that come here for a purpose! We are to enjoy our life while we are present and live in reverence and awe for all creation. We are here to love one another without conditions and to see perfectness in every stranger. We are here to reflect the love of the spirit, not the judgement of our ego.
So, let this be a reminder to us all that we need to call back to our mind that we are souls, made from the energy of love and filled with light. May we remember and begin to act from this place of truth in every affair. May we treat our body with love, and also every person we meet. And may we always do our best to take care of the body, move it, nourish it, but never forget it is the soul that the body houses that needs to be tended to the most and celebrated rather than neglected!
Peace be with you friends … De Day.

(You can find and follow De on Instagram @spread.love.and.light for more inspired readings and wholistic wellness, or visit www.de-day.com.)

Dolores Day
Author: Dolores Day

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