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“He who has health, has hope; and she who has hope has everything.”

— Arabian Proverb

We have been given a gift of a vessel — our body — that houses our very soul and helps us to experience this thing we call life.

It is a mind puzzle to me why so many of us daily abuse this home we live in and rob ourselves of the very health that we all deep down desire. Maybe it’s all the false advertising, misinformation, culture conditioning as a child, or perhaps lack of self-worth that drives many to a lifestyle that is filled with a myriad of excesses, poisons, and harmful habits.

Others are innocently being preyed upon by the corporations wishing to pick their pockets and confuse them by selling the latest fad or product that offers them their best health in just 10 days. Regardless, the plethora of mistruths and options available make it difficult to learn and participate in what really contributes to excellent health.

As a health practitioner, one of the first things I do is teach my client that the first step to great health is taking full, 100% personal responsibility for the choices THEY are making that directly impacts their health. We must be our own health advocate and begin to be more aware of every choice we make.

When we step into this role and begin to assume responsibility, we now possess the power to educate ourselves and sift through the flood of information that streams our way. There certainly are more choices now than ever before when it comes to what is good or bad for our health. However, we must begin to actively seek out the best choices and then participate in them regularly.

I encourage everyone to change the way they look at food and their relationship to it. Food is energy, and energy is life-sustaining. We need food.

Unfortunately, the inadequacies of the American diet and lack of nutritional substance in our modern food is one of the major factors in poor health. As a society, our most consumed food is wheat and sugar. Most don’t even know that white flour has no nutritional value whatsoever to the body after it has been ground, sifted and bleached (processed).

And sugar — well, let’s just say it is a known poison to the brain and acts as a toxic neurochemical, altering the mind.

And yet, most of the processed food we eat today is riddled with grams and grams of this harmful additive. Scary!

What is the solution? We must get back to keeping food simple, natural, pure and as non-processed as possible in our daily consumption. Even health-food stores with good intentions are marketing packaged goods that are packed with preservative and additives.

Keep it simple and you won’t go wrong. Eat real food mostly from the earth — your body knows just what to do with it to use as pure energy. When we know better we can do better. (Suggested reading: Food Rules.)

Also, if you are not making a consistent effort every week to strength train and give your muscles, connective tissue, and bones proper resistance, it is time to start NOW. When you don’t, you are choosing to let the frame that supports and moves your body slowly decay and lose its vitality.

The old common saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” is very true indeed for everyone when it comes to skeletal muscle tissue. No one is exempt.

The strength you enjoyed as a youth will dissipate insidiously if you don’t continue to challenge it. If you have lost muscle, it’s never too late to rescue it. And if you have it, you must continue to strengthen it no matter your age. There are no excuses here, don’t let what you can’t do (an injury) stop you from doing what you can do.

You also don’t need to reinvent the wheel on crazy exercise moves, either. Keep exercise simple, avoiding injury and execute the movement properly, with slow deliberate movement all the way through a full range of motion.

Friends, enough of the right clean foods and daily movement of our form is necessary for our body’s nourishment. In order to live our life to its fullest we must begin to pay attention and give the body what it requires. Make better choices today. Begin one good choice at a time, and your body will reward you if you are consistent and persistent.

You don’t have to make the right choice every time, you just need to make it most of the time.

Yours in peace, love and good health … “De Day.”

(You can find and follow De on Instagram @spread.love.and.light for more daily inspired readings and wholistic wellness, or visit www.de-day.com.)

Dolores Day
Author: Dolores Day

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