Mind Body Soul: Seek Harmony

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By Delores Day

“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.”

— Marcus Aurelius

In all things, we should seek harmony. This is “the pleasing agreement of parts” as defined by Webster’s Dictionary. When we begin seeking harmony within our very being, we can then extend this out into the entire world, doing our part to perpetuate peace.

Our very essence is made of three parts: our minds, our body and our deeper soul (that is who we are originally without the mask of the ego). When all parts sing in harmony with health, peace and happiness we experience true joy.

It is important to note that when one of our parts is not in alignment and operating at full capacity, it can throw us off a perfectly balanced equilibrium, creating displeasing or even devastating experiences in our life.

First, we must have a desire and a willingness within to create harmony in our lives. Cultivating this inner desire is necessary if we want this harmonious state to manifest in our daily lives. There are many ways to produce harmony in every moment, and every day. Most of them are very simple and take only seconds to participate in but can generate powerful effects on our life experiences.

One way is by seeking out activities and environments that support this decision and help fuel this intention of inner harmony. This means making a conscious decision of where and with whom we place our energy.

There have been many places and people in my life who do not radiate an energy of love and peace. In fact, some can be downright toxic and harmful. We have all found ourselves in situations or perhaps conversations that certainly do not resonate an energy of goodness.

The more we become aware of these moments, the quicker we can make a decision to protect our peaceful state and either remove ourselves or avoid these places/people altogether. In this way we are making a proactive conscious choice not to participate in anything that would cause harm to the very harmony we are trying to harvest in our lives.

This is not always easy, but it is necessary if we crave complete harmony. We achieve this state quickly if we have congruency in our thoughts and actions that display this desire.

Also, for me personally, not a day can go by without me studying deep spiritual and intellectual reads that help to foster a calm state of being within me. Words have such a powerful affect on our lives. They can literally nourish our souls and reset our minds to become more powerful and present.

However, this takes an assertive approach on our part to seek out these reads and then wedge the time into our daily schedule to procure this habit. When we fill our hearts and imprint our minds with peace-filled words, this begins the very causation of correspondence in our lives. Our thoughts then turn into our daily actions that sing in concert to this beautiful chord of love.

I encourage you to find a daily inspiration and meditational book that you can read daily in the morning before you begin the day. This daily meditational practice will absolutely set in motion the healing power of peace.

Let the momentum of your day swing this way, as opposed to the chaos of your emails, text messages and your to-do list.

Another way to create harmony is by praying. This harmonious daily habit will cultivate extraordinary peace in our minds and fill our soul with a powerful and lasting connection and can heal the body. By praying to our higher source we are coating our minds with words of goodness and plugging in to our real power.

It is important to note that there needn’t be a religious affiliation in order to engage in this spiritual practice. No, speaking to God is greatest when it is not repetitive words without meaning, but rather heartfelt connection from your very heart/mind. We needn’t be amongst others or be wearing anything specific. Rather in any moment, we can pause, inhale, and say a few words to our creator. We can ask for help. We can pray for blessings on others. Or, we literally can utter just two single words — “thank you” — and have a blissful experience that can ripple through the body and create a healing harmonious effect on our cells.

May we all seek to cultivate more harmony into our lives and then propagate it into the world which will offer all a blanket of peace.

Let it begin with me. Peace be with you friends.

(To read a daily dose of inspired teachings or work with De you can find and follow her on Instagram @spread.love.and.light or on her website at www.de-day.com.)

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