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By Dolores Day

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe (and your health), think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” — Nikola Tesla

This is one of my favorite quotes of all times. First, because it is an absolute truth that has now been scientifically proven and quantified. Second, because this truth changed my entire way of thinking which in turn reflected a beautiful change in my entire life!

When one begins to open the doors of curiosity and gain insight to these three words, their meaning, and how they apply to one’s life, get ready because the impact on one’s health is almost a guarantee.

All life is made up of energy. Every living and non-living thing has energy in it. These energy molecules move (vibrate) at a specific and measurable speed (frequency, measured in hertz).

Einstein declared “everything in life is vibration.” This was spoken at a time when there was no developed scientific technology available to test those very words. Yet, being the reflective, curious, and outside the box thinker that he was, he was able to ascertain that everything in life moved at a rate that could not be seen with the physical eye, but nonetheless moved. E=MC2.

Because the field of quantum physics is now a highly studied and investigated field, there is scientific quantifiable evidence that ALL things do indeed vibrate (move). The Heart Math Institute in California for example can now measure the strong effects of someone else’s brain waves they emit and the vibrational changes that is has on another’s heart. Please note, our energy field can directly affect another’s. Our brain waves created from our thoughts, and our heart waves created by our emotions, combined create our personal energy field (PEF). This field is different, unique and ever changing for each individual. Interesting point: The heart is one of the strongest electrical machines there is and can emit the strongest of vibrations. Love is the like the holy grail of living measured at 528 hertz. I’ll just leave this truth right here for one to ruminate over all the possibilities.

Why is this knowledge so important and useful? Because how we connect these truths and apply them can have drastic effects on our daily life and health. Our lives can absolutely improve with the knowledge and integration of these universal truths of energy. And, here’s how.

The study of energy has also taught us that things of a higher vibrational frequency pull things of a lower frequency up. This means if you begin to engage in activities, thoughts, or be in an environment that energetically is high on the vertical scale of frequency, then you have the capacity to affect your energy positively just by participating in it. Your personal frequency will climb the scale by beginning to choose thoughts that hold a higher value of frequency. And this makes sense, right?

When you are thinking thoughts about anger, frustration or envy you will notice that your emotions go down and your body begins to feel bad (your vibrational energy is decreasing). On the contrary, if you start thinking about thoughts of love, compassion, or gratitude your body will immediately begin to start feeling good and even joyful. This is a sign that your PEF is improving and going up and commensurately so is your overall health and wellness.

We must take 100% responsibility for our health and the choices we make. And, we must begin to consciously start asking ourselves important questions. For example, “Will this improve my energy? Does this substance have a high energy or low energy frequency? Does this person make me feel bad when I’m around them? If I participate in this activity or take-in this substance will it improve my energy or drain it?”

When we do this, we open ourselves up to saying “YES” to more of the things that will increase our energy. You see, the sum of the choices we make on a daily basis — whether it be foods, medicines, thoughts, activities or even being in the presence of others — directly affect our health because it directly affects our energy field. The higher your energy field the better you feel. Once you understand that you are directly responsible and have the choice to participate and live a high-vibration life, you won’t want to settle for less. And, as a plus, you will begin to attract like things that move at that same frequency level too, for like attracts like, but that’s the next chapter of truth.

If you would like to learn more about how to align and heal your mind, body and soul, check out my website at de-day.com.

May you have good vibrations everywhere you go!

Dolores Day
Author: Dolores Day

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