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By Dolores Day

“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.” — Mahatma Gandhi

I think we can all agree that this word, freedom, and its meaning in our life is of the utmost importance to us. We are constantly talking about it, writing about it, and naturally seeking it within our own lives. In fact, I think it’s the cornerstone of every desire that it is in our hearts.

When I think of living my happiest life, freedom sits at the foundation. Having freedom in all areas of our lives actually increases our overall wellness because freedom makes us happy, and the emotion of happiness in our bodies produces dopamine, the feel-good hormone.

Our bodies are constantly seeking an abundant dose of this amazing hormone because it makes us feel alive, happy, and joyful.

It does not matter where we live, what cultural or social group we exist in, or what kind of government rules our laws and lands. We can begin to live our lives with more personal freedom and experience more joy today. There have been many before us that were imprisoned and lost physical freedom like King, Mandela, Gandhi, and Victor Frankl, and yet they did not conform and in their mind and soul were free.

Why? Because, “It is in the active self-expression and the pursuit of our own aims that we can become free,” said Brendon Burchard.

We must become consciously aware of what we think, desire and believe in our life and take responsibility for our behaviors. This will produce the ultimate freedom that we desire. We must begin to cultivate our own personality and discover our likes and dislikes while removing the cloak of the social conformity that seeks to starve us of our original uniqueness. Freedom begins when we begin to look outside the boxes we live in. We must however stop pointing our finger at others and begin to use our time and energy to seek out our own greatness and individuality while eliminating the judgment on the choices that express another’s personality and right to freedom.

How do we get started? We must get brave and honest with our true self! We must ask ourselves questions and consider the truth on areas in our lives that we may be conforming.

Why do I believe __? What makes me think this way about __? Is it true? What do I want to create? What do I want to share with the world? What is my truth and why?

We need to spend more time in personal reflection discovering the answers to these questions. We will find the truth to what really lights up our soul and what areas in our lives would bring us more freedom.

When we take personal ownership for what we want to experience and create, we should find a deep-seated desire to grow, be better and improve in these areas. Ultimately this desire is what needs to be fed!

When we are free to grow as human beings every day, more and more, into a better version of ourselves, it is this accomplishment that fuels our happiness. It is this never-ending, day-after-day looking for ways to improve, serve and heal that actually can and will make our lives healthier.

Let us be in pursuit of our own personal self-mastery. Let us dedicate ourselves to feeding our bodies daily, to nourishing our mind with sound material fostering good sense, as well as feeding the soul with the spiritual goodies that connect us to what is higher, for what we focus on grows.

It is time to actually use our freedom in our lives for good now. It is time to put away what we can not control and to begin to focus on what we can. We can control to what we give our time and attention. We can control where we place our energy and what goes into our mind.

This is our personal freedom.

We have been offered this by so many that have come before us and whom still serve. Let’s stop taking it for granted and start exercising our right to better our own lives by feeding all of who we are mind, body and soul and looking to how we can use all that is good within us to serve the world we live in!

It is in these daily decisions that we will discover more of our freedoms, grow into our best selves and, alas, make an offering to the world to show up and make the world a better place one thought, one action at a time.

Let it begin with me! Peace and love friends.                  

 — De Day

(To read a daily dose of inspired teachings you can find and follow De on Instagram @de.day.love or visit her at www.de-day.com.)

Dolores Day
Author: Dolores Day

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