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By Dolores Day

“There is a Divine spark at the center of your being, and you need to recognize this, believe it and act upon your belief.” — Ernest Holmes

There lives inside of me and within you an intelligence that cannot be observed under a microscope. A spirit that cannot be captured or bottled. It is an indescribable and undeniable energy that moves through all things and all people.

It has been studied and labeled by scientists as a field of energy. It has been described by philosophers as the “intelligence of life.” Spiritualists and religions call it God, the Holy Spirit.

Interestingly, each group is really identifying and speaking about the same exact thing, only using a different word that feels good to them in their cultural language to describe it. Often times this causes confusion and misunderstanding. However, it does not matter what term one uses to label this spark, its existence is truth. What is important is that all recognize and awaken to “the something greater” that is within, the power that exists in each and all.
Because life appears on the surface to be complicated and busy, it may be easy to gloss over such a powerful truth. However, I believe it is the journey of each soul to discover this power within themselves and all of life when they are ready. It is the quest to awaken and connect with this source and make contact with the very energy that gives them life. Whatever name one uses to label it is inconsequential. It is the mere observation and awareness of this powerful presence that changes one’s life and helps them to awaken to more than just what we can see.
So what are at the steps to discovering this beautiful spark of energy and beginning to live an extraordinary unlimited life? First, one must be willing to seek it. This means a conscious interest to find something more within, not without. The willingness to receive and connect to this ultimately is the beginning of the decay of the human ego. It is the very crossing of this barrier in our mind that allows one to recognize this spark. There is not one, none excluded, that do not have this same power within them. In fact, this spiritual essence is the common thread amongst all humanity that connects us.
Once we believe in this intelligence that breathes within us, we will naturally begin to recognize it in all living things. When we become aware of this presence within, we will then be able to see the beauty and the reflection of this divinity within everyone else.

It truly is experiential. No book, no article, no scientific evidence can help you discover it. They can only point to the proof of its existence. If we begin to cultivate awareness and recognize this energy that exists in all, we can then begin to see this reflection within ourselves and all of life. When we connect to it our experience of life in general becomes magnified. It’s as if by acknowledging life, we begin to experience it even more.

Practicing mindfulness and slowing down to observe life helps to increase this heightened awareness as well. The mind is unable to focus on one object when the train is going 120 mph. We must slow down and be still.
It is up to us to use this spiritual energy and power for the creation of good. Believing we are connected to unlimited possibilities and potential fosters an awe and reverence for life. It helps us to live in a place of amazement and wonderment. We can begin to see through the eyes of our soul and recognize the significance and the beauty of all creation. It is there for our taking, for our joy, but we must be willing to recognize it and expect that we will see it everywhere we go.

When we do, this energy begins to fuel our own life with love and shifts begin to happen in the mind as we go from taking life for granted to awe at how the universe works and functions. When we shift to understand that life is happening all around us and we do not have to do anything, it is already being done, a blanket of peace appears in our daily life.

Our fears and worries begin to dissipate as our attention on our ego fades. Love takes its place. We begin to look for opportunities to see the love and divinity in every person. And you know the saying: Whatever you look for you, will find.
So as we go out in our daily lives, may we be able to slow down and look for the divine spark of life that moves us and lives through us. May we begin to look for it in others and the world around us. Today, may we begin to live our life awake, aware and enthusiastically for all that is before us. For it is in the expectation of these things, that we will find them. Peace be with you friends.

(De Day is an empowerment life coach. To connect or work with De, email her at info@de-day.com or visit her website at de-day.com.)

Dolores Day
Author: Dolores Day

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