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Mindset is everything!

By Dolores Day

The power of our minds has been researched, examined and observed since the beginnings of time as we know it. And with good reason, for without mental preparedness we can do nothing physically. Every effect comes from the causation of thought from the mind. Thousands upon thousands of books have been written about the mind, neuroscience, and our beliefs because the truth is so evident that all form comes into reality through the intention of our thoughts. Many great philosophers and teachers of the past have also taught about this same mental power connection.

Knowing this great truth unlocks the power that lies within us if we choose to believe it and use it. In fact, at this very moment we are all using the same power of mental thought, we may just not know it yet. We possess the power to create any kind of life we desire with focused thought and persistent effort. If we have great thoughts, we bring into our lives corresponding great things.

If we have negative, poor, pessimistic thoughts, we bring those things into our experiences as well. To live our best life, one can deduce that we need to begin to take inventory of our thoughts and make a conscious effort to shift our mindset to one of a positive state of mind.

I haven’t always had a positive mindset. No, in fact in my youth one would scarcely find me with a smile on my face or a positive word to share. This is a great shift of who I am today, decades later. But this didn’t happen by accident. I was led to great lessons that opened up my mind and expanded my power of thought as I left the world of pessimism for a world far greater. Open-minded optimism. I indeed experienced a great transformation in my mind, and what ensued was also an equal change in my life experiences! I am forever grateful.

So, how can we begin to change or improve our mindset if we desire to make progress in any area of our lives?

The answer is willingness. Yes, we just need a desire in our heart to make a change. We must create an intention of thoughts that seek a positive shift and begin to look at things differently.

This may be very challenging after we make that first decision to make a change. Why? Because the power of our subconscious minds and pre-programming rules our thoughts 97% of the day, so we are getting a constant re-run of the same thoughts/feelings from days/years before. (This in fact is the broken record of all records.) This requires that we make a conscious notable daily effort of new mind conditioning practices to overcome these past-repeating, often self-defeating thoughts.

But it IS possible, and also very worth it indeed.

One of the first lessons I learned after I opened myself up to willingness and understood that I had to overcome subconscious mind patterning, was a beautiful shift I wish to share:

“Have a mind that is opened to everything and attached to nothing.”

Sounds easy, right? However, as you explore the meaning of this mental lesson, you will discover that we have an entire life filled with past beliefs and attachments. Many we have acquired through years of cultural, social, religious, and economical influences. Most of these came in our early years and were simply downloaded programs and self-limiting beliefs that we accepted as truth. Some are true, many are not.

If we can learn to let go and be in a place of openness, what we may find is a mind that slowly transforms to a world of endless possibilities instead of constant limitations. We may find our mind focusing on all the solutions, instead of the repeating problems. Or better yet, we may find that all the negative circumstances that surround our life are actually positive lessons pushing us toward opportunities to evolve into your best self.

Just imagine if everything that came your way, instead of closing down, you just thought to yourself, “Hmmm, that’s a very interesting point, I never thought of it that way.” After all, we don’t really know enough to be a pessimist.

Just know that our thoughts and attitudes determine our mental state and ultimately creates our lives. Our mindset determines the way we think and feel and ultimately constructs our personal reality. When we begin to practice this one mental exercise throughout our day, it can change our entire perspective about the world and as a result change our lives for the better.

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Dolores Day
Author: Dolores Day

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