New Village parking spots are open

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The 22 new angled parking spots that Sarasota County created in Siesta Key’s Village on the northern part of Ocean Boulevard are complete and ready for use.

Four sit near the Old Salty Dog restaurant. The other 18 are across the street in front of the Whispering Sands condominium complex. They are free of charge for motorists.

The county spent an estimated $250,000 on the project, which faced some opposition from two local non-profit civic groups: the Siesta Key Condominium Council and the Siesta Key Association.

Both stressed that the angled parking spots will create hazards for drivers trying to back out of the spaces as vehicles enter the Village. Not only do vehicles tend to speed entering the area from the north, Siesta Key Association members said, but large delivery trucks often are parked in the center turn lane so deliveries can be made to area businesses.

The Siesta Key Association’s Catherine Luckner has also said the reduced section of the sidewalk was one of the few wide enough for pedestrians and bicyclists to share with ease, “and we need to keep those wide spaces,” she said last year.

— John Morton

John Morton
Author: John Morton

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